The Madness of March Irony

Can I start this post by pouting about not having a March Madness pool to participate in*? Seriously. I think this should be required for every workplace. I used to love setting up my brackets … sigh.


I didn’t realize how dependent this blog is on my good camera until said camera died. I have no clue when I’ll get a new one, so I apologize in advance for the crap photos you’re going to be subjected to until that happens. But. But! I made some cute pillows:


Following other sewing blogs is an awesome education, because it helps me see what is possible and gets me thinking about what I can do differently. I’m sure you’re familiar with Sew Crafty Chemist‘s lightning fast sewing speed, and Making the Flame’s tortoise with mono sewing speed. Why am I so slow, I wondered? Making these pillows helped me identify how much time I spend *not* sewing. Would you believe I spent about two hours ironing this fabric? Yes, it was perfectly smooth, but a quick pass over to get rid of the big wrinkles would have been sufficient. Another time-taker was my decision to make French seams. *eyeroll*

The cure for over-thinking!

Also, I had to make a pattern for these pillows. Why, you ask? Why, Ebi, would you make a pattern for ENVELOPE PILLOWS????? Because one of my biggest time wasting habits revolves around getting stuck on the tiniest, most insignificant of details. In this case, I could not decide how much overlap there should be. Four inches? Six inches? A percentage? Yes. I spent *way too long* thinking about this, and also how much seam allowance I wanted to use. Ohmigoodness. So I made a pattern, and I will use it every time I make envelope pillows in order to prevent getting stuck on tiny details.

Fabric detail — isn’t it groovy?

All that said …. I adore these pillows. Like, majorly. Having them on my bed has enhanced the experienced of lounging in bed even more than I’d imagined, and it’s awesome. Would you believe I bought these pillows well over a year ago, but was so intimidated by sewing a home dec item (as opposed to garments) that I never covered them until now? That’s over a year of time without the joys I’m experiencing now. Fear is the ultimate time waster.

All in all, this project was excellent not just because I have some seriously adorbs pillows now, but also because I learned a lot about why I’m so slow, and how I can get faster. Thankfully I’m a quick study and applied the lessons to another project, coming up in my next post!

*After thinking about it, I’ve decided to do a bracket and follow along with March Madness on my own. If you’re also doing the March Madness brackets thing, let me know in the comments! Maybe we can have an online pool. :)

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  1. Home dec procrastination is real. I got it too. Got a handful of pillow, curtain, and ottoman covering projects I have been putting off for years. WTF is a pillow intimidating after 9 years of sewing? I used to make pillows and quilts and crafty crap all the time before becoming a garment sewer, now I feel like it’s a foreign language.

    Knowing how much you love your pillows makes me want to hook myself up with some right quick. I bet I’d sleep hella good.

    1. Haha!! So glad I’m not the only one. Garment sewing and home dec sewing are so different, it’s crazy! Good thing you’ve got some experience there, it will help you when you’re ready to pretty up the house. And having extra pillows = bliss!

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