The Make I Always Wear

“The Ultimate Go-To Maxi Skirt”

In looking for posts featuring this skirt, I see I’ve barely mentioned it:

High Contrast Hippie

The Right Foot, Baby

Which is surprising because I wear this skirt 2-3 times a month in rain, snow, cold, heat, sunshine, you name it. I love this skirt. It’s technically half of a wearable muslin, and the best example of why I make wearable muslins instead of regular muslins. It has muslin-ish flaws, but is ridiculously comfortable, has a forgiving elastic waistband, and is long enough that I can wear it high or low on my torso and never look ridiculous.

minimally accessorized, with belted top and nude flats // with chunky accessories, cardigan, sheer button down, and wedge heel sandals

I’ve created so many outfits around this skirt. It works in every setting — the office (even corporate), casual weekends, Friday/Saturday night, everywhere. I didn’t photograph many of its looks because I was afraid of boring you! But recent posts by Grown and Curvy Woman (Casual Friday: Wash, Wear, Repeat!) and Vic Styles (What is the Price of Style?) about repeating clothes has me questioning my assumption.

(However, I see I’ve used the exact same color scheme every time I wear this skirt. Methinks I need to shake it up a bit!)

Would you like to see how I get maximum outfit oomph out of a single garment, would you like to see only new garments, or are you okay with a mixture of new and old?

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Thanks for voting! Feedback is so important to writing a good blog. :)

Today’s title is a reference to the Metallica song “The Day That Never Comes”, a favorite of mine. I’ve been a HUGE Metallica fan since 1998, and even called James Hetfield my husband, because he was the sexiest man in the world, as far as I was concerned. And he still is. So enjoy the video!


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