March Roundup

I’m wrapping up March a little quickly; I hope you don’t mind! I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow. :)  Stay tuned …



I really didn’t sew anything. Granted, I was sick, still; it was a no-production month. I’m not happy about this at all, so April is getting sewing goals (here).

Even though I post every day, there is still a ton I’d like to share and don’t. No one can cover everything, but maybe I need an additional channel of communication, in addition to this blog.



Some of my most popular posts in the past month (ooh, alliteration!) have been showcase posts, where I model my me-mades. I notoriously loathe having my picture taken or sharing shots from my at-home photo shoots, but it seems people like them and look at them. It’s less about me and more about what’s in the picture — cool clothes. Methinks I need to get over myself and share more.


Pats on the back:

Wearing some of my older me-mades, and looking at old patterns I drafted, I realized that I’m actually pretty darned good at drafting and altering patterns! I’d been beating myself up because I was self-taught and did things a little differently from the blogosphere, but duh: a flawless fit is all that matters.

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  1. I agree that if it works…it works.

    YES! I think many of us like to just SEE the pics and see it on a body. “Photoshoots” are fine but just show me the goods!!!! :-)

    Can’t wait to see your April makes!

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