May Roundup


Last roundup I said I can’t post every day while working full time in the office and semi full time in the theater, and that’s true. But I can set aside time periodically to write a bunch of posts at one time, then schedule them to publish on different days, like I did when I began this blog. My personal goal is to post daily, my minimum threshold is to publish twenty posts per month. There’s so much happening in the sewing blogosphere, in the fashion world, and in the wardrobes, lives, and minds of women everywhere (including me), that I want to be giving you that content in a timely fashion.

I didn’t participate in Me Made May because I didn’t hear about it in time, but also — I already wear my makes almost daily. Between my sewing makes and my knits, it’s rare that I leave the house without wearing or carrying something I made myself. Next year, of course, I’ll participate in MMM, because why not highlight something I do, anyway?



Maintaining a good blog takes organization, prioritizing, and commitment. Growing a blog takes patience, planning, and a degree of professionalism. (That link comes courtesy of Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps, who writes the most engaging and helpful newsletter I have the pleasure of subscribing to.)

Making custom clothing from pattern selection to hand-sewn hems is a very different from doing alterations/repairs, though they both require sewing. And I really, really, really don’t like doing the fix-it stuff. Boo.



I’m really kicking butt on my May/June goals! I hope the increase in outfit/make posts, fashion brand profiles, mentions of other bloggers, and smattering of current event coverage, is of value to you as a reader of this blog! Please let me know.



My goals for May/June are already posted, but I made a late addition: branching out into new social media channels. A Tumblr blog would be great for sharing bits which don’t require a whole blog post, while the main blog here will continue to be more in depth and more of a conversation. I’ve already started on Polyvore; my goal there is simply to learn how to use it for now. I sense that it has great potential for application … Twitter is another channel I’d like to be more savvy with, because of its potential. I adore Instagram and I’m getting a new phone with a better camera. I want to share better photos, more on topic, and of greater value to others, to foster more interaction and conversation. I’m all about the interchange of ideas!

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