McCall’s Winter/Holiday Collection, 2015

Life behind the scenes of Making the Flame has been crazy, but when I saw this pattern I knew I had to write a blog post:

M7306, Misses' Costumes
M7306, Misses’ Costumes

What caught my eye? It said ‘A/B, C, & D Cup Sizes’. Um…cup size? Does anyone else see a woman who’s missing a skirt??? I’ve been super stingy about buying new patterns lately because I have so many (and they don’t catalog and store themselves), but this is one I have to have. Because. Because!!!! She’s really got no skirt. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a sexy Mrs. Santa in Vegas costume, or if it has practical application, but it’s definitely joining my collection.

M7280, Misses' Jacket and Dress
M7280, Misses’ Jacket and Dress

Another pattern caught my eye, by Designer Joi. Has anyone sewn or bought these patterns? I love them, but they’re juuust over the line of costume-ness. I can’t see myself wearing them IRL. This get up, for example, is super cute and wearable–except that the silhouette is just weird. Maybe it would work better without the lace trim at neck and hem, but then it would just be a fitted dress with A-line skirt. Yawn. I do like the boxy cropped jacket, as cropped things fit those of us with short torsos quite well. (Lengthwise, anyway.) The sleeves are a little iffy, but perhaps some creativity can fix that.

M7288, Misses' Jackets
M7288, Misses’ Jackets

M7288 wins the award for most dubious presentation. I like this fabric, but combined with the wiiiide lapels and the cut, it struck me as a little bit 70’s pimp-ish. So I checked the line drawings. *double take* I’ve never seen such unappealing line drawings!!! The proportions look all short and squatty and terrible. So I went back to the pimp photos, and sure enough it’s a reasonably good coat — especially for us pear shapes — but the sewn version and the line drawings have me doubting its goodness. Bonus points that this pattern goes up to 24…..if I had no other coat patterns I’d give view D a whirl, but I suspect that a Sewaholic coat pattern could suit my shape just as well *and* look modern doing it.

M7291, Misses' Capelets, Vest and Belt
M7291, Misses’ Capelets, Vest and Belt

It’s not all bad, though. I did see two patterns that caught my eye for positive reasons, including this capelet. I really want to sew the Mimi G capelet (Simplicity 1016), but the cape part is not part of the jacket. Two-part winter protection is too fussy for me, and I don’t want to have to figure out how to join them. M7291 is a good alternative, as it goes up to size 26 and has a collar. It does have a much more casual feel than Simplicity 1016 and there are no sleeves afaics, but in a pinch it could work. Again, though, this is a fill in pattern for something better — it doesn’t really stand up strong on its own.

M7292, Misses'/Miss Petite Jumpsuits and Belt
M7292, Misses’/Miss Petite Jumpsuits and Belt

But. BUT. BUT!!!!! This jumpsuit, though! I love how the gathers have been pushed to the sides and back, and the center front is nice and flat and smooth. I love the pockets and the center front zipper. I love the elastic casing at the ankles and the sleeve variations. I love that it looks good without the sash. (Don’t you get annoyed when a make won’t look good without the included sash???? Total bait and switch.) I love the princess seams. I love that the loose fit in the bodice and the slimmer fit in the hip can balance out a pear shape who wants to play at being an hourglass. (Or a rectangle, if you’re a pear with a belly…the point is to not have your lower half stealing the show for a change.) This pattern goes up to a 22, but hopefully it’s pretty straightforward to grade up…because this is the one pattern I definitely want.

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  1. Way back in January, I downloaded Lekala 5727 with the intent of making it for spring and never did. I think I’ll stick to that one; the proportions seem a bit better.

    I’ve looked at this release at least 5 times trying to find something appealing.

    7305, but I collect apron patterns so that may not count.
    7284 actually isn’t bad at all. It might be the only one I actually like. It just isn’t my style.
    7297 is fine but why such atrocious fabrics?

    1. Ooh, Lekala 5727 has pockets! And a proper winter time closure (zipper). It doesn’t have sleeves either, but I guess that’s the way capes are worn? So much to learn. :) M7284 is too blousy for my taste, but the idea of the shirt is great. It’s also pretty common, I bet McCall’s has other shirts in that same vein with a better fit.

      M7297 is a hidden find!!! The fabric is terrible. And I admit I don’t look at pajama type patterns. But View C is the perfect long sleeve tee! Just enough interest to be fun to wear, but simple enough that you can churn out a mass of them for a winter wardrobe. And View D is a great winter dress, over tights and boots. Good eye, Kisha!

  2. I think M7306 is supposed to be the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, given the cards, chess piece, and crown headdress. I guess it’s the Red Queen in her underwear? Who knows why. At least it beats ‘sexy minion’ in terms of halloween costumes. Just.

    1. OHH!!! This makes sense! McCall’s probably couldn’t say that due to licensing arrangements. Looking at the ‘costumes’ area on the site, M7306 is right at the top — the newest addition to the collection. However, what is this about a ‘sexy minion’ costume? I’m intrigued in a rubbernecking sort of way, hah.

  3. Arrgh. People will start thinking the only people who sew are cosplayers soon at the rate of costume patterns being churned out! Well, I’ve been searching for a slutty cheese dome costume- but never mind why…….

    1. Is cosplay becoming that big of a thing? I thought it was super-niche….but I admit that I’ve never even dressed up for Halloween, much less for a convention or fan club. But I can totally see why you’d need a slutty cheese dome costume…I mean, what’s life without it? :-p

  4. That 7306 is rather mysterious, isn’t it? I’m guessing it’s supposed to be “sexy Christmas tree,” but who knows? I’m liking 7288, though, as a tunic-type blouse to wear over slim pants; nice details on that one, and I can live with the retro vibe–I’ve never actually worn things that were actually in fashion, so why start now? ;)

    1. HAH!!!! Sexy Christmas tree!!! That’s even worse than Mrs. Santa in Vegas. I’m picturing tinsel on this get up …. oh, my. :)

      Hadn’t thought of M7288 as a shirt, but that’s a great idea. Would it look as out-of-time as a shirt? In that context, the lapels could be the perfect canvas for embroidery and other surface design.

      1. The pattern looks very ’80s to me, especially the shawl collar version. Then again, I just looked through my pattern stash and found a Vogue pattern from 1994 that’s almost identical to the version in the photo, so either it’s a classic look, or they figure they can sell us the same patterns every 10 or 15 years. ;) I’m liking the idea of the embroidered lapels! Will have to think on that one . . . hmmmm . . . .

  5. Greeting the only one that I liked out of the collection was M7291 cape problem for me is, this pattern should have been in the Fall Collection. I vant imagine wearing full on Winter. Thank you for the post :-)

    1. Oh, good point about M7291 being a fall piece! Maybe if it had sleeves, do you think it would be better for cold temperatures? Here in New England, being sleeveless in winter doesn’t work that well, it’s too cold.

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