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“I, Ebi of, pledge to wear at least one me-made garment or accessory to work every day this month. I also pledge to make one item per week that is work appropriate and fun (colorful, bright, etc).” Wrap up here: The Made Month.


Making The Flame -- Me Made May #mmmay15

May 29:

Doin’ it big!!!! I had to go out with a bang. This V8476 blouse is my pride and joy. The amount of work and care and design details that went into it, the fact that I made it fairly close to the beginning of my sewing career, AND it’s in my favorite color combo (red and purple, because I’m garish like that). I only bust it out occasionally, because of major weight gain since making it, but it’s always a show off piece. :) And look at how well it goes with M6966! A match made in heaven. Oh, and that collar? I interfaced it with tulle, my friends. If you like a soft collar that keeps its shape, trying using tulle instead of fusible interfacing.

May 28:

Today was explosion of the fauxhawk day! Seriously, my hair kept getting bigger and bigger througout the day, until it ended up looking like this. I wasn’t upset or anything, it was just wayyyy more attention grabbing than I intended, and than I’m used to. It was a hot day, so I thought I’d throw on a little “all-white”* outfit: ankle pants and a tank top, Michael Kors and Talbots, respectively. But I knew the dealership would be AC’d, so I brought warmth in the form of my Fiona Top in purple, another repeat. It felt like cheating, wearing it over a completely RTW outfit, but …. penultimate day, #mmmay15 fatigue, etc.

(*We all know I don’t actually do monochrome outfits; this is as close as I get.)

May 27:

Whew! Me Made May is really kicking my butt. The end is in sight, which almost makes it harder to come up with more outfits, and take more selfies. Today I threw on another lazy outfit, with another repeated element: M6078 in a black and white abstract print ITY, and my upcycled plain skirt. This skirt used to be one of those late 80s boxy midi skirts, but I shortened it using the European method to something a little more timeless. I love this skirt. The fabric is perfect, the fit is perfect, the length is perfect. I need to copy it, but I haven’t found the right fabric…yet.

May 26:

Today I got lazy and reached for one of my favorite outfits — a striped M6078 with a black-and-white abstract print B5257. On top of which, I’d already worn this particular top this month … so I’m a lazy repeater. Evs. :) I feel like there’s a story behind half my makes, and B5257 is no different: I intentionally made it backwards — the front is the back and the back is the front — but I wear it whichever way strikes my fancy. So when I wear it “backwards”, it’s actually forwards , and when I wear it “forwards” it’s actually backwards. It’s such a silly thing, but it cracks me up every time I wear it!

May 22:

I really enjoyed this outfit, not the least because of my insanely cute shoes. Seriously, I think they’re the only unabashedly feminine pair of shoes I’ve owned in the past five years or more. I love how everything works together, even though the elements are so different: high end pants, low end shoes, and a me-made top. Which, I might add, is the perfect length in front and perfectly covers my butt in back. Melinda Knit Tunic by Style Arc, I’ll be making more for sure now.

May 21:

Okay, so this was the sleeper outfit of the month. You’ve noticed I pretty much never wear more than one solid color at a time, right? As such, I almost scrapped this outfit this morning for being too plain and boring. Ultimately, I had a bus to catch, so I threw it on and left the house. Ladies. Wow. I have never received so much positive male attention in my life! (Well, not lately, anyway.) And all I had to to was dress plain and show a little leg — go figure. Today’s skirt is me-upcycled, not me-made, but that’s good enough for me. Top is RTW, possibly from Avenue.

May 20:

STYLIN’! I got so many compliments for this outfit, and it came from a very lazy place: yet again, I didn’t want to get dressed, much less get out of bed, and decided that the only thing I could handle was a dress and a cardigan. What’s simpler than that? I love this dress, it’s comfy like pajamas and I wear it on special days (or, in this case, lazy and unhappy days). This is definitely my coolest look of the month. Thrifted sunglasses, B6041 knock off of a Boohoo dress, thrifted cardigan.

May 19:

More purple! Today I had zero energy to get up and get dressed, much less the desire to find a me-made. Ugh! I almost headed out without a make on me, but ultimately couldn’t fall short of my MMM pledge so blatantly. It’s funny; I feel that, any other month, most of us wear our makes — and proudly — pretty often! But in MMM, it’s kind of a pressure to perform. Cardi is the Fiona Top by Style Arc  (second time this month!), top is RTW from Bermuda, pants are Lane Bryant.

May 18:

Another non-IG’d look! In fact, I didn’t even get a photo of myself in this look. I wore the Burda/Simplicity 6789 top with RTW cardigan and pants, Cynthia Rowley and Lane Bryant, respectively. I liked that I had a rather polished-with-a-sense-of-humour air, so it’s too bad I didn’t snap a photo in this look.

May 16:

Working on a Saturday is a rarity for me, thank goodness. But it did make me realize how many people work on Saturdays! I already feel grateful to work in the car business on a Monday-Friday schedule, but working this day made me additionally grateful to have weekends off, in general. Cardigan is M6084, tank top is Dots, pants are menswear from Goodwill. I call this look “Annie Hall meets disco ball“. :-p

May 15:

Apparently jet lag is a real thing, because I was majorly lagging in this shot. That being said, it was fun to look cute! I think the necklace and the smoking slippers keep this from being too juvenile of a look. I 100% need to give this top a second go. It’s a great potential staple like M6078 but all I did all day was fidget with it. I’m thinking forward shoulder adjustment, and raised and narrowed neckline, should help a bunch. Burda Simplicity 6789 top and self-drafted circle skirt.

May 14:

I never IG’d this look, it’s a blog exclusive! A cacophony of clash: this outfit was actually a little bit too busy, even for me, but I enjoyed that I had the necessary elements to try out such a look. Cardigan is Style Arc Fiona Top, skirt is M5430. This is my ‘cowgirl’ skirt, because of the silver fringe I applied to the patch pockets. Yeehaw!

May 13:

I started May 13 on a plane, then right to work upon landing in Boston, and later changed into this look at work. I was sooooo exhausted, wearing these very comfy pieces was very, very comforting. Top is M6078, skirt is a modified M6966. If I were to wear this outfit again, I’d wear the shirt untucked so it can better hold its own against this very bold maxi skirt.

May 6:

LONGEST. DAY. EVER. Seriously. I woke up at 445am to sew, sewed for about five hours, packed in under two hours, headed to work for some hours, took over an hour to get to the airport, went through security twice (goodness forbid you forget your water bottle has water in it), and then took this photo after I found my gate. Holy geez. Next time I’ll do the smart thing and not work the day I leave town. Top is yet again M6078, pants are Burda/Simplicity 6789. (Do the Burda patterns by Simplicity count as regular Burda patterns?) I loooooooooooooooooved this outfit. Love. Stripes and polka dots? Everything black and white? Yes, please.

May 5:

Cinco de Mayo! Had my obligatory tequila 🍹🍸👍 over the weekend. Top is M6078, skirt is Torrid, jacket is Target. I know M6078 is my favorite pattern, but wow! Twice in two days? Anyway, I LOOOOOOVED this look, it was fun and pretty and the denim jacket pulled it together so it didn’t look overwhelming. I love pattern clashing, passionately. When I was in high school art class, I couldn’t draw a lick but I could mix patterns like nobody’s business.

May 4:

Finally, a day warm enough for bare legs!! Cardi is the Fiona Top by Style Arc, dress is M6078 hacked onto self-drafted skirt. I always forget how fidgety wearing this dress is, which always reminds me I need to do a second attempt of this hack job for a better fit at the waist. However, the purples in the dress and the cardi are soooo harmonious! The photo does not do them justice.

May 1:

I was running uber late to work this morning — I literally had seven minutes to get dressed, head to toe. The outfit I grabbed had no me made elements in it — I did put an elastic in the ankle of the RTW pants, but didn’t feel like that counted enough. So I grabbed a fashion scarf I made, to wear with my jacket as a cool-weather scarf. (People who live in cold climates have scarves for every temperature from 0-65 degrees, hah.) I think it turned out okay; the scarf has cool contrast stitching that I’d completely forgotten about.




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