A Mechanical Ending (and Other Tales)

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Happy last day of September! After this, we have ninety-two days in which to make 2014 something good. No pressure, right? *wink*

And while we’re on the topic of pressure … my new job and I have been seriously wrasslin’, and I feel like I got whooped all September long. I did some sewing, but not much, some blogging, but not much, and then missed out on so many goings on in the online sewing world. Beyond the many awesome blog posts I read but never got a chance to comment on, I did not find the time to make a Scraptember project with the Sewcialists or a Lace Pencil Skirt with Pretty Girls Sew. Every night I came home, conked out, thought of all the things I *wasn*t doing, and got even more bummed … and then my beloved camera upped and died! Whaaaaat???? No warning or anything. One day, it was working, the next day, it was dead.

Vogue V1419 (Ralph Rucci) — Misses’ Coat

So September has been kind of a bust for me. On the plus side, the Bruyère sewalong has been slow enough that I’m keeping decent pace with the others, and I managed to snag V1419 for the fall sewalong McCall’s and Lladybird are hosting. I’ve decided I like sewalongs. :)

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October is a new month, and I’ve got a rather ambitious desire to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. Not only is Lynda Carter a fellow Leo, but I have never worn short shorts in my life and I’d like to give it a go. I may fail, but I want to publicly state that my October goal is to make myself a Wonder Woman costume, and then go out in it and get inebriated.

My second publicly stated goal for October is to use the tragedy of my broken camera as an opportunity to learn how to take stunning photos with my cellphone. I’ve got an LG Android phone, not an Iphone, but it’s time I got with the times and began using my cellphone like everyone else.

If you have any tips about costuming (or cell phone photography), comment below! I’ve dabbled in theatrical costuming, but I have never personally worn a costume in my life, so no tip is too small or too silly.

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  1. I’ve totally wanted to be WW so I’m rooting you on! Gooooooo!!!!!!

    My only real tip (cause I don’t know much) is that, like with any other photography, natural light really is your best friend.

    1. Thanks for the moral support :) I’m definitely guilty of not using natural light for my photos….perhaps the first order of business should be finding places with good natural light!

    2. Soo true! The best light is actually right before sunset. The light is “warm” and it is more flattering for just about every skintone. And since the sun isn’t directly overhead you don’t get those shadows under your eyes either. Direction of light is important too, make sure you don’t stand with the sun in back of you!

      I recently purchased an external flash with a diffuser for my SLR camera, and it has made a world of different when it comes to flash photos because it evenly distributes the light rather than concentrating it in one spot. You could probably mimic the same thing with a camera phone by taping a piece of tissue paper over the flash.

      1. Ah, the old tissue over the flash trick! That’s a fun one to experiment with, using different types of ‘diffusers’, from tissue to paper towels to paper of all colors.

        Thanks for the tip about timing, too — usually I do photshoots when I have energy, but perhaps planning them is really the better way to go.

        It’s so funny — I’d been mulling over your comment and then ended up having a photo discussion at work yesterday … I’m seriously thinking of making an old dream come true, and taking photography classes!

        1. Omg do it! I took one seven years ago during the summer at a community college and it really enlightened me. I recently started getting into it again, hence the better quality of my more recent photos!

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