More Than You Can Chew

Do you do this? See a long weekend coming, and immediately plan to sew 109,098,090 things? I know I do! But then I get frustrated and disappointed if I don’t have a closet full of new things after three days at home, and that’s not a good feeling.

HP 1112 Classix Nouveau Dloce Vita Slim-Cut Pants — Hot Patterns

So this long weekend, I’m keeping it really simple. I’m simply going to order Bruyère, muslin Butterick B6042, and also muslin the goodie that just arrived last night: Hot Patterns HP1112, the Classix Nouveau Dolce Vita Slim-Cut Pants. (Ya think that’s a long enough name for a pattern???)

I have a really weird stash — lots of great fashion fabrics, a decent selection of notions and interfacing, and almost no muslin or lining fabrics to speak of. So this evening I’ll be heading to my local fabric store to get fabrics to test out these two garments. After the success of Style Arc‘s Fiona Top (not yet blogged), I’ve decided all my muslins will be wearable muslins. So for the pants, maybe I’ll find a summer weight wool, and for the shirt, a black-and-white voile I’ve been eyeing.

Hm … actually, I have some summer weight wool in my stash I’ve never touched. I gave away some pieces to a friend, but perhaps I have a cut or two left to play with. However, I’m still getting that voile!

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