Mother Nature vs. the Sewing Machine

Today’s post title comes from a song by Scissorfight, one of my favorite local bands. I don’t think they play around anymore, but I got to take a photo with the lead singer — I’ll post it on Instagram when I find it.

Anyway, summer in Boston this year has been a bust. Short, cool, and dry. Boooooooooo! Hopefully, posting some of my OOTDs from our few perfect summer days will encourage Mother Nature to get back in the saddle and give us a solid, face-melting heat wave. Yeehaw!

Oh, hullo there!

A friend of mine is a big proponent of fancy underwear; I am not. Under her guidance, I bought this crazy print bra, which you can kind of see through my shirt here. I hate this bra. It shows through EVERYTHING. Everything! Tops I normally wore with comfort, ease, and subtlely, suddenly became billboards for my new bra. Yuck. And the worst part is, this bra is the most comfortable, most flattering, bra that I own, so I wear it often. Sigh. The pitfalls of being a (busty) lady.

Anyway, I didn’t make the bra, I made the skirt, so let’s talk about that, shall we? This OOTD is virtually identical to the outfit I styled back in April, and indeed is based on that styling. This skirt is so busy that a blank background of a shirt is really key to pulling off the look.

Can you spot the asymmetry?

Reviewing photos from this shoot, I noticed that my hips appear to be uneven. Or maybe my legs are different lengths? I dunno, but it would certainly explain a great deal. Either that, or years of carrying a bag on my left shoulder has thrown off my posture. Yikes! What a scary thought.

An open hand for giving. Or something like that.

I don’t think I’ll make this skirt again; it’s pretty distinct in style, and the more I wear my version, the less I love it. My waistband has grown so it doesn’t sit right, and the back is not long enough and wide enough for my ample derriere. I have since making this skirt learned I need to do an FBA on skirts — a Full Butt Adjustment*! *wicked grin* Also, I’d rather give a go at Simplicity 1366 than revisit 1690. They’re similar enough and different enough to be a continuation of each other.


Necklace: So Good

Tank: Dots <– are they reopening????

Bra: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Simplicity 1690

Shoes: Payless

* I’m going to call it an FDA — Full Derriere Adjustment — moving forward. Yay for acronyms!

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  1. i thought that last photo was air guitar :)!

    if this ensemble doesn’t bring on a heatwave i don’t know what will…i agree with you, this lack of summer heat is upsetting (in so many ways)…

    1. Ooh, air guitar! I never thought of that, but it’s definitely much cooler than whatever I was trying to pantomime.

      I’m hoping most hopefully that we get summer in September or later this month, before slipping into fall. Hoping….

  2. I’ve been loving the weather this summer…don’t have to run the AC as much! I would not survive in the South.

    My crazy print/color bras are reserved for darker colors and lined dresses. I know everyone loves to hate on nude-for-you bras being “boring” but when you’re pear shaped and wear a lot of light colors on top they’re just more practical…

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