Good Girls Get Patterns (Deer and Doe, Spring-Summer 2016)

I am vindicated!

McCall’s just had a super Butterick/McCall’s sale, and I even had one of their 10% off coupons to make the deal sweeter….but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I have lots of TNTs to hack, hundreds of patterns in my stash, and already bought the patterns I realllly want. Vogue released new patterns yesterday, the last day of the sale, so I said — maybe I’ll hold off until the next all-brand sale, and get some of the new Vogue patterns.

Then I saw the new Vogue patterns…eugh. Brace yourselves. At any rate, it totally killed off my remaining desire to buy anything BMV for now. In addition to which, I figured it might make more sense to hold off and buy some indie patterns, since I don’t have a ton.

And then this morning, I got the email announcing Deer and Doe’s new pattern collection: Zéphyr, Mélilot, and Lupin!



I love everything about this collection, and have already ordered the bundle. It took me ten minutes to open the email, read the release, and buy the collection. And I’m not even small enough to fit into these patterns straightaway, I have to grade like crazy. I just love everything about this release, from the designs themselves to the feedback about their branding that D&D took seriously and learned from.

Zéphyr dress

This view of the Zéphyr dress caught my eye, because this year I planned to take myself out on a date once a month…but I don’t have date night clothes. This dress is 100% date night to me. I feel like it would work in many other situations, too! I love the plunging neckline, princess seams, flared skirt, and shorter hem length. I also love that there’s a crop top version, as that appears to still be trending.

Mélilot shirt

I’m feeling the short sleeved version of the Mélilot shirt! It’s perfectly relaxed, slouchy, and chic. I love the shaped, high-low hem, and the fact there are bust darts for some shaping. But what I love the most are the sleeves. Oh! Deer and Doe hit the nail on the head when it comes to short, cut on, sleeves. I’m so looking forward to sewing this up. :)

Lupin jacket

Lastly but not leastly is the most awesome cute jacket I’ve seen in quite awhile! Lupin (French for lupine, which has two meanings), is so pretty and chic with enough of a tough, edgy side that if James Dean were a girly girl — this would be his jacket. It’s also perfect for those of us with short torsos, as it is a cropped jacket. Can you imagine how cool this would look over the cropped version of Zephyr? Que belle, non?

I love this collection, and definitely feel it rewards me for being a  good girl and showing restraint (and discrimination). This bundle cost the same as 7-10 McCall’s/Buttericks patterns, but with far greater pay off in stylishness. Also, I’ve set on a rather ambitious plan to complete 90 French lessons in ten weeks, and wanted a way to reward myself for completing the first thirty this week.

What about you? How do you feel about this new collection? Have you ever purchased/sewn a D&D pattern?

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  1. I’ve never bought a Deer & Doe (I did try the Plantain) but I agree that this is a cute collection! The skater dress is very cute and versatile.

    1. Sorry for the soooo belated reply, I don’t get comment notifications anymore! :(

      I now have five Deer & Doe: these three, Bruyère (which I graded up but did not finish sewing), and Centaurée (which I did not successfully grade up). I want Brume, as it apparently hacks well onto the Zéphyr bodice. I definitely love the cuteness of their patterns. :)

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