New Dress, New TNT: McCall’s M6744

Here’s a genuine sewing post! :) Most of my project posts are light on sewing info, and I’d like to try my hand at writing more informative posts moving forward. For now, this means writing a blog post while working on a project, because I never remember the technical bits after I finish!

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In preparation for hot summer days, I’m sewing up McCall’s M6744. This easy, knit dress has enough bodice and length variations that there’s an option in here for everyone. I’ve picked bodice A or B with length A/C for my wearable muslin.

McCall's McCall 6744 M6744 bust width full bust
49.5″ or 47.5″ for the XXL? Hmmm.

First things first, the full bust measurement on the envelope and the pattern differ. This is one of those horrible patterns McCall’s put out that lacked meaningful information on the envelope, so the pattern measurements will be my reference. This dress is fitted at the bust, extremely loose fitting at the waist, and loose fitting at the hip.

McCall's M6744 dress pattern adjustment hacking alteration

As a pear shape with a larger bust than this pattern accommodates, my fit tweaks will be to sew the front and backs separately, then join them with a 1/4″ side seam. The narrower seam adds 1.5″ width to the bust and hip, which I absolutely need! The front neckline on A/B seems awfully low, and I generally find my upper torso to be proportionally short. I’ll truncate the shoulder along the L size line and see how it plays out. Lastly, I dipped the center back by 2″, tapering to nothing at the side seams. This extra length compensates for my ample derriere. Having a hiked up hem in the back drives me CRAZY!

fabric poly plyester ITY knit animal print abstract purple red orange yellow gold black stash
A lovely stashed ITY, in just the yardage I need.

In a perfect world, I’d make this out of featherweight, opaque jersey. In the real world, however, I’m making my first attempt in some polyester ITY from the stash. The wild pattern lends itself to adventurous styling, so I’m going with bodice B.

M6744 is merely four pattern pieces, all cut on the fold. Easy peasy! Also, a bonus: it only used 1.5 yards, instead of the 2 listed on the pattern envelope. Not sure if this is another pattern envelope error; I’ll be making another one, so we shall see if the second dress also takes only 1.5 yards! Sewing up these four pieces went fast, and the casing — normally a bugbear — went smoothly, too. All hems/edges were finished by folding a 5/8″ seam allowance back and twin needle stitching over the edge.

McCall's M6744 dress ITY plus size sewing
Happy camper!

Behold! The first photoshoot using my new camera, Snowey the Pentax K-50. I love her! I still need to work out settings, but so far she’s pretty good. Also, I bought a remote to use with her and WOW. Remotes make photo shoots so much faster! Also, they make outdoor shoots more feasible … I might “go public” this summer. :)

McCall's M6744 dress ITY plus size sewing bra straps
Fiddling with ye olde bra straps.

This dress does require some bra strap modification; in my case, front and back modifications. Boo! But for such a cute dress it’s totally worth it.

McCall's M6744 dress ITY plus size sewing bra straps curved hem high low
Bra strap smizing at the camera, blurgh.

Here you can kinda see the how the curved hem played out, and connected to the front hem. On my next dress, I’m going to shorten the center back addition to 1.25″, from the 2″ on this version. My butt’s not that big, apparently! You see the billowing at the center back above the waist casing? On version number two, I’m going to take 1″ out of the center back, tapering to nothing at the sides.

McCall's M6744 dress ITY plus size sewing jazz hands bodice adjustment armhole
Short torso supreme.

Also, that bodice height fix didn’t work great — see how little space there is between the waist casing and the neckline? My torso isn’t quite that short, not the least because my boobs take up length. (“My lovely lady lumps” —  *Fergie voice*) I also felt the upper back bodice was too long. On version 2, I’ll shorten both of them to the XL strap length, then raise the neckline by 1.25″ and the armholes by the same amount. Don’t want any side bra to show!

McCall's M6744 dress ITY plus size sewing happy success winning

In short, I love this dress — I’m wearing it to work today, and making another one tonight. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s summery, and that’s what I’m going for with my next collection of makes. #winning!

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  1. This is a lovely dress and looks great on you. Love the fabric too,vivid colours are perfect for summer.
    Congrats in the new camera, check the white balance and Aperture and your photos will be much better. If you need help with that let me know.

  2. I had a win with view D and a fail with A. You make me want to try again!

    It looks great on you! I was reading end thinking (don’t shorten the front! Aw dang she already made it). But for a wearable muslin, this works!!!! It really is cute and YES to the racer back! Oh and Smize. I always giggle at Smize!!!

    Congrats on the camera again!!!

    1. Did you blog your view D??? I’ll have to check it out, I want to try that one next. Def try A again, it’s such a fun little flirty frock!

      I’m cracking up at your ‘nooooo’ moment, it’s like when you’re watching a movie and the actors are about to do something foolish! 😛

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