A New Year Approacheth

Eighteen days remain in 2014, and then it’s 2015 and a fresh start in many of our minds. I’ve been a maker of resolutions for many years now, and successfully to boot. The key, for me, has been reflecting and planning during the last days of the year; ie, now.

Making the Flame has been silent for quite some time now, and while it lay dormant I thought about why and how I wasn’t showing it any love, and realized I have my priorities all out of whack. Knowing my values, I jumped at every opportunity to throw them under the bus in favor of pleasing others on their own terms. Booooooo, right?

In 2015, I resolve to replace my people-pleasing antics with personally enriching antics — like blogging and sewing — in a conscious way. I’m sure there will be slip ups, but with adequate preparation I hope that risk will go down. As for the rest of this year, well; I’m focused on getting my sewing space, materials, and inspiration in order. I don’t know that I will sew, but I don’t know that I won’t, either!

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    1. Aha, you know what it’s like! It took me awhile of being in my 30s to figure out I can do my own thing, so my do-what-works-for-me muscles have a lot of growing to do. :p Thanks for the kind words!

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