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Today was pretty awesome — I napped, made progress on cataloging my woven fabrics stash, and my best friend and her hubby helped me select some photos for my online dating profile. (Yes, that’s right — I’m putting my hat back in the ring!) In the process, I found some photos I took on February 8, 2014…..

Left leg is pinned, right leg is not. What a difference!

…..of my pants muslin! That’s right, it’s a year old and I haven’t touched it since taking these photos. I used Butterick B5222, a Connie Crawford pattern which goes up to a 6x. Sewing a pattern right out of the envelope is a rare luxury for me, so I’m so grateful there’s a basic pant pattern in such a large size range. I cut the 1X.

back view pants
Left leg is pinned, right leg is not. I think I favor my left side!

As you can see, whatever size I sewed was large enough, but not a perfect fit. Before I sewed up my muslin, I took the time to tailor tack the entire length of the grain line on all back and front leg pieces. Thank goodness I did! It’s so helpful to see the grain line while fitting a muslin.

Side view, unpinned leg. You can tell I hadn’t yet got the hang of photographing for a blog!

Some adjustments I made were to take a fisheye dart in the back leg below the derriere, and also in front across the upper thigh. Then I got lazy and put this away without transferring my markings to the pattern. Oops! I do see that I’ll need to make some sort of lower leg/calf adjustment, as the back grainline veers toward the inside of my leg, instead of going straight down.

Side view of pinned leg — look how much better the the fit is through the full hip.

And that’s where Craftsy comes in — basically, Pattern Review is having a jeans contest starting February 15. In preparation, I bought the ‘Sewing Designer Jeans‘ class with Angela Wolf. I’m kinda a big fan of AW, because she knows so much from actual practical experience, and is also tuned in to what younger people want to wear today. I’m no spring chicken, but the big sewing-pro names are much older than me and I feel their advice comes from their generation’s style and fashion norms.

I call this proto-cheesing: cheesing before I learned how to really ham it up.

Anyway, I thought I was just going to learn how to sew jeans, but this class actually has a wealth of information about fitting jeans, which is just a style of pant. I’ve already got some helpful info to get this pants muslin back on track, *and* I’ve got info to help me make my first pair of jeans for the contest. Yet another #sewingwin!

Pockets! It has pockets!

Spring is apparently 40 days away, which means summer is around the corner. I also photographed this make on February 8, 2014, which I have since thrown away. It’s super cute, but there was no saving that too short front crotch curve. I used McCall’s M6083, view A, and the only modification I made was to size it up from a 20 to whatever my measurements were last year. Sigh. Warm days cannot come too soon!

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