One Week, One Pattern 2014

I’m signing up! I’m a little nervous, as I have a built-in, knee-jerk reflex against commitment, but I think I’ve sewn McCall’s M6078 enough times that I can wear it for a week.

McCall’s 6078 — Misses’ Tops

One odd thing about OWOP is that it starts on a Saturday … who does that? So weird. Yesterday I spent the day in my pajamas because I didn’t leave the house, so my week will only be six days, I guess. Also, I have a dilemma today in that I’m going to Carnival for a bit today, and the perfect thing to wear is a self-drafted dress, based only tangentially on M6078. Sadface. Maybe my week will be five days long. Whatevs — at least I’m committing to participate. I’ve even pulled aside all my clean versions of M6078, and I’ve got stash for making more (because you know I’m not doing laundry for a sewalong).

Hm. The other benefit of wearing my OWOP to work is all the mirrors there — perfect for taking selfies and uploading them to Instagram. So look for my live OWOP shots on my Instagram feed, and if you don’t IG the roundup will be here on the blog at the end of the week.


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