(One-Woman) Cutting Crew

Ah, Monday — when I wasn’t working, it was my favorite day of the week! (*ba-dump-bump*)

Seriously, though, today was a pretty good day. And it’s going to be a good evening, because I’ve got beacoup de couture on my sewing table! Saturday’s post got me thinking about what I need vs. what I want, and how to accommodate and streamline both as much as possible.

My solution is to use and hack my TNT patterns — M6078, B5166, the never-before-blogged M5971, and now B6041 — for most projects, and dabble in my nearly 300 other patterns as I see fit. The other part of my solution is to embrace my habit of wearing the same color/pattern schemes over and over, instead of forcing myself to diversify. Work clothes will be black/white/blue, play clothes will be …. well, I’m not going to tip my whole hand!


With this in mind, yesterday I pulled six pieces of fabric from my stash and began cutting:

Three-seam Skirt – Lekala #5088
Fiona Knit Top – Style Arc

a lined cotton pencil skirt and ponte knit cardi for work;

Butterick B6041Misses’ Dress (See & Sew)

a work/play knit dress with very special polka dots;

McCall’s M6789 Misses’ Dress (Fashion Star)

a ponte knit dress for date nights;

Butterick B5166 Misses’ Dress and Belt (See & Sew)

and two very colorful ITY dresses, one of which I know I’ll wear to work when I get sick of my ‘uniform’.


It’s a lot of cutting and summer has Arrived in New England, so I’m moving slower than normal, but slow and steady wins the race. Or is it she who listens to cheesy 80s music wins the race? Hmmm.

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    1. I hope it goes well, but I’ll share regardless. SA includes a swatch with the pattern, and their fabric is wayyyyy thinner and drapier than mine. :p

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