Oonapalooza Gone By

I just heard about Oonapalooza on notes from a mad housewife today — what an awesome concept! I had a blast scrolling through all the contributions to the Flickr group. I wish I’d known, and had time to participate, but maybe it will come around again next year! Did you participate?

I don’t believe I’ve finished anything colorful this month, but I did wear my most garish shirt today. I didn’t take any OOTD photos; here it is styled with my most garish leggings. Not that Oonaballoona is garish (not at all!), but that even I feel self-conscious in more color than I am used to.

part one crazy
/you may be right/I may be crazy/

I love the story behind this shirt, Vogue pattern V8476. It’s one of my few pieced garments, made from cottons I ruined on wadders but could not bear to throw away. When I made this shirt, I was a beginner sewer, so I assumed it was a fail. No! This is actually one of my better made garments. I interfaced the collar with two pieces of tulle, which is still my favorite interfacing to this day. (It’s basically an extremely lightweight, non-stretchy, horsehair braid.) I used fusible hem tape to attach the facing to the shirt on the inside, while I finished the seam allowances by pinking them. The buttons and buttonholes I stitched using my machine.

The two fabrics are midweight cottons: a batik and a quilting cotton. I don’t know what possessed me to make a fitted shirt, and it’s the only one I’ve made to date. I added the sleeve trim rather awkwardly; now, I think I’ll actually remove the sleeves and turn the armhole edge under to finish them. The full bust is too high, or the area above the bust needs darts (or both?). But otherwise, this shirt is the bomb diggity, even if I feel a bit ‘out there’ wearing it, and it comes in handy when I’m tired of my staple pieces.

part two crazy
/but I just might be the lunatic you’re looking for/

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