OOTD: Power Suit, Power Tie, Power Steering

Today’s post title comes from the following scene in Hitch, one of my favorite movies ever! Skip right ahead to 2:05.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H42jVUavXiA]

I love the outfit I wore to work today, it really made me feel good. I felt strong, capable, powerful — the way I love to feel! I also get a kick out of wearing my power colors: red, black, and white all together. The shirt really ties this look together, it’s got red leopard spots outlined with black, on a cream background. I got it at Macy’s last winter, and loved the heck out of it for months. Then it languished in my closet, and at some point I put it in my Goodwill pile. Luckily, when push came to shove, I couldn’t pull the trigger. (Ooh, cliché city!) I’m so glad for that!

OOTD Feb 6
Head to almost toes….

The pants and blazer also came from Macy’s, on a shopping expedition last May. The blazer is sized 0X, which of course I think is a completely ridiculous size, but whatever — I buy what fits, no matter what number is on the tag. The pants are a size 24 I think (don’t feel like getting up to check right now), and the fabric is definitely stiff and not flattering, but they looked really good on me today. Not sure why.

The shoes, which you can barely see, come from Payless — the only brick and mortar store that carries my (giant) shoe size. I think it is ironic that even if I lost weight and could wear standard misses’ sized clothes, I’d still have giant feet excluding me from 99% of shoe stores. Anyway. I have found higher end shoe options, but I kinda don’t want to spend a ton of money on shoes — I’d rather have many simple, acceptable pairs than a few eye-catching, but not particularly versatile, pairs. Maybe I can strike a balance between the two somehow.

OOTD Feb 6 #2
Okay, the real head to toe shot … or should I say top knot to smoking slippers?

And lastly but not leastly, I am so proud of myself for my rather trendy, messy top knot bun! I didn’t realize my hair is long enough to do it, but it totally is and I’m super pumped. I wonder what other trendy hairstyles I can whip up with my (apparently) shoulder length hair.

So as you can tell, I dress for power, for a feeling of strength. But what about you? What look do you go for? What feeling do you try to create in yourself?

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  1. Cute outfit. The red is fantastic. I like the top knot!

    At one point my hair was close to my shoulder blades/arm pit. I *swore* I could not put it in a bun. My sister would get overly annoyed with me. I totally cannot pin up my near shoulder length hair! :)

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