The OWOP Four

I did it! I participated in One Week, One Pattern 2014! I’m so proud of myself for doing something larger than me, instead of stubbornly insisting on being a lone wolf.

I have only cellphone camera shots because all week I was exhausted — I got up early for work (430-5am) and I stayed up late each night (midnight-1am) to work on my first Butterick B6042. More on this later.

For OWOP I wore McCall’s M6078, of which I have five versions. One was in the hamper, so I was held to four days of participation. And here they are!



three shots Monday two shots Monday

This version of M6078 is eye catching and a little dressy, but totally uncomfortable. The inside is scratchy from the threads used to hold the sequins in place. For OWOP, I found a fix: a tank top. Worn underneath this top, it was bearable for a whole day, but still uncomfortable. I drafted the cap cleeves using a Threads tutorial.



two shots Tuesday

I blogged this version of M6078 back in June, and I’m still thrilled with it. I styled it in a different way for me; you’ve probably noticed my constant need for a cardigan or jacket. Well, on Tuesday, I threw this top under a semi-sheer, lightweight blouse. I loved the contrast between the brown of the blouse and the orange of the top, and how they both interacted with the blue pants. I wouldn’t wear this look again — it’s too distinct — but it insipired me to be more playful with layering, as fall comes to New England.



three shots Wednesday smurf blue

I know what you’re thinking. ‘That’s a dress!’ You bet your bippy it is! And an unblogged one, too. (I’ll get around to that …) This dress is a combination of M6078 on top and a self drafted skirt on the bottom. This summer I noticed women wearing simple dresses consisting of a sleeveless top and a pencil bottom, and decided to make one for me. I cut off M6078 two inches below the waist, and attached it to the skirt, then threw an elastic in the waist casing. I’ve since perfected the length of elastic and pegging of the skirt in another dress I haven’t blogged. But hey! I have the house to myself today, so I’m going to shoot everything that I’ve made and not yet shared. Anyway, to say I love this dress would be the ultimate understatement. I love it so much I’ve worn it around the house, just because. It fits great and it’s comfortable, and styled with Smurf-blue tights (We Love Colors) and equally blue shoes (Payless, natch), I felt very much like a 60s mod girl. Which is to say, awesome.



three shots Friday

Go out with a bang! Or is it always leave’em laughing? At any rate, this outfit is hands down my favorite look of OWOP. I felt like a Boss in this, and that’s my favorite way to feel (after a 60s mod girl). The cardi is the Fiona Top by Style Arc, as yet unblogged. I love this outfit because I’m wearing purple, because the silver belt gives the look a clean, clear, but not overwhelming point of focus, and because that grey shirt, my first M6078, looks so good under the cardi but still holds its own against the white pants. This shirt is basically a middle child: adaptable enough to play nice with everybody.


Handmade Jane had reflections from the week, so I feel like I should share my thoughts as well.

* I had no problem wearing the same top all week. I used such different qualities of fabric with different appearances and different details that it didn’t matter.

* All week I wondered how M6078 would do in a woven fabric. Hmmmm….

* I loved styling my basic top in new and exciting ways! Looking forward to experimenting more.

* My favorite part of OWOP was seeing what other people were wearing. I kept checking the #owop tag on Instagram, and being delighted. :)

* I’ve learned to avoid fabrics with glitter on them; I think sequins fabric should also face close scrutiny. I did not enjoy having my neck and shoulders get scratched all day long.


Well, that’s all for OWOP ’14 — now I’ve got to shoot some makes! And the Bruyère sewalong starts on Monday — are you taking part?


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  1. This top was such a great choice for OWOP! I was just thinking that a knit top would have been the best choice – comfortable and versatile – which is exactly what you did here. :) I love your last look, but I also really like your Tuesday look! Yes, it’s definitely colorful, but I really like wearing bright colors together, and seeing them on other people too. Nothing wrong with being memorable (in a good way, of course). :) Congrats on making it through the week!

    1. Thank you, ma’am! I love this top soooo much, if I lived in a warm place I’d have a dozen to wear. And thank you for the kind words about my styling. :) It’s surprisingly tricky to be adventurous.

  2. Love!! Especially Tuesday!

    I enjoy OWOP so much. I intended to participate this year but…yknow how it goes.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your bruyere! I had it in my cart Friday and didn’t check out! Then at my meetup yesterday we were chatting about how cute the pattern is!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, you are a busy lady right now. :) I’m also eagerly awaiting my Bruyere, but I want to be a good little girl and wait until the official start before I dive into it. You need to buy it! I think you’d do a smashing job of it, though I totally get the need to sometimes wait and see how a pattern sews up.

  3. I wanted to join this challenge, but as usual I was too scattered and too late! You really showed the point of this- so versatile and stylish- nicely done and very individual.

  4. Great tops and dress ! My fave is the dress and the friday top + the cardigan.
    As for the bruyere sewalong, I didn’t know that ot was begenning on saturday, but I have already cut my fabric,

    1. Thank you! Yes, the sewalong starts in a few days. I know at least one person has already finished her Bruyere, so don’t be concerned that you already cut your fabric. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :)

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