The $3.67 Shirt


You read that right: between the fabric and the pattern for this amazing wearable muslin, I spent less than $4. How, you ask? Read on to see how I whipped up this custom fitted pattern by Lekala. (This is not a sponsored post :-p I’m just that big of a Lekala fan.) I spent the […]

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Crazy Gold


Happy New Year! It’s about time for a fresh new slate, non? And a fresh new garment! Over the holidays I had much needed time off to rest, and I decided to use some of that time to do some recuperative sewing. What’s recuperative sewing, you ask? Simply put, it’s grabbing your craziest fabric, your […]

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35 Drafts and a Quiet Year (2017)

As I write this, I have 35 draft posts in various stages of completion – drafts that I may never publish. So I’ve been writing…and even sewing. But not sharing. I thought I’d share more, since I’m going through Things – well, mostly one really difficult Thing – but it’s been difficult to put this […]

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35 and Still Alive

“35 and Still Alive” – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

What a morbid title for a birthday post, eh? But it makes sense – today is my 35th birthday, and I’m still alive, as far as sewing goes! And soon, as far as blogging goes. :) I’ve been on hiatus for over three months to focus on personal matters. Initially, I felt guilty for disappearing, […]

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Taking a Break

“Taking a Break” – Making the Flame | Body Positive Sewing & Style

Hello dear readers :) Thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit my quirky, opinionated corner of the sewing blogosphere. It’s been awhile now – three years (and three months, and fifteen days…but who’s counting). Usually, female bloggers cease to blog, or drastically change their blog focus, due to marriage or children. […]

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Spring Has Sprung at Vogue


New Vogue Spring 2017 Patterns WOW! Can I say that again? WOW! Vogue’s new Spring 2017 patterns blew me away! Don’t believe me? Keep reading… :) Favorite Pattern: V1545 Trendy Pattern Trio: V9257, V9259, V9260 Interesting Pattern: V1548 Questionable Pattern: V9255 Favorite Pattern Vogue 1545 by Rebeca Vallance is winning at life! Oh, my. Just […]

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