Looking Back on 2019


Dear readers – this post comes to you two weeks before the sixth (!!!) anniversary of Making the Flame. Back in 2014, I saw a lack of plus size sewing bloggers as well as pervasive body negativity in the comment sections of blogs written by (then) conventionally attractive bloggers. Already passionately body positive, I thought […]

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In case you didn’t know, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I strongly believe that every nation or other group of people need a communal feast day to rally around. Food is celebration, life, pleasure, sharing, and even intimacy. I love and adore food! So Thanksgiving is a special day that I literally look forward […]

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Seeds of a Wardrobe


At this point, I think everyone who sews has seen or used one wardrobe builder or another…except for me. None of them really spoke to me. Some “required” or were built around garments I don’t wear, like jeans or white button down shirts. Some didn’t account for New England winters and all the gear needed […]

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