Painfully High

Today I wore heels to work, and naturally, my feet hurt. But when I switched back into my sneakers, my feet felt fine. ‘Success!’ I thought to myself. ‘Heels only count as painful if your feet still hurt after you’ve taken them off.’

I also happened across the news of Madonna’s recent foot injury today. What struck me more than her working out while on crutches (hey, if you can and you’ve got the energy, why not?) were the anecdotes from other celebrity women about the pain wearing high heels has caused them. I’d always thought I was in pain because I was doing something wrong! Nope. Even Victoria Beckham, who is pretty much always photographed in heels, gets serious foot pain from wearing stilettos.

Madonna is Madonna … for a reason.

It’s unlikely that women are going to suddenly stop wearing towering heels and stilettos just because a few famous ladies have hurt their feet doing so. And the average woman probably wears heels less often and for shorter periods of time in lower-impact activities (standing, sitting, etc) than these examples. But it’s worth it to keep in the back of our minds that — hey! — even the pros are suffering. Maybe we can cut ourselves some slack, and wear flats for a change.

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