Part the First: Horns

contest winner
Voting for the final song of the set — Fuel did not win.

We all have those makes that take awhile  to grow on us, or that we ‘meh’ on, but actually wear a lot. These leggings are one of those sneaky makes! They’re McCall’s M6173, altered to fit me to a T. Now, I love my customized M6173 pattern and the leggings I make from it, but this particular pair in a solid, shiny fabric made me think of the 80s — in a not good way.

this way
Do the horns go this way?


I wear this pair all the time! I feel (and look) so sleek in these leggings. I’ve worn them a ton this summer, so I thought I’d share two looks — one which I wore to a Metallica concert, one which I wore to a Connecticut beach; today’s look is the former.

there's my man
Hubby, doing his serenading thing.

The T-shirt is a relic of my show-going days, when I indulged my love for metal and punk music by going to shows put on by local bands. Dive bars, booze, and filthy (band) practice spaces were my life, and I loved it. I also loved buying band shirts, and wore them as-is. I no longer dress like a boy, so modifications were in order.

or this way
Or this way? Hmmmmm.

First, I cut a wider, slightly deeper neckline. I then removed the sleeve hem right above the coverstitching. I slit into the underside of the sleeve a few inches, to give more room at the arm opening. It’s not the fullest part of the arm, but I’ve found that a short sleeve that is fitted makes the upper arm look fatter in an awkward way. So I gave myself some more room, and kept my svelte arms looking as such. :) The final alteration on this tee is important for pear-shaped ladies who wear t-shirts: a cropped, slightly high-low hem. When the hem of a shirt cannot pass your hips, it bunches up and makes you look frumpy: so cut it off! I put the high hem in back and the low hem in front, to just hit the top of my “tilted”* waistline.

/The other people there that night./

Did I fit right in at the Metallica concert, wearing a t-shirt I cropped myself, me-made leggings, and thong sandals? What do you think? ;p

don't care
Rockin’ out.

Once upon a time someone who I really admired, told someone else that I was 100% punk. I’ve never forgotten that very high praise, nor that I earned it on the basis of my character and not how I dressed.

Shirt: The Hidden

Leggings: McCall’s M6173

Shoes: Payless

*The “tilt” I’m referring to is that which some ladies with larger derrières have — if you view us from the side, our generous backsides raise our back waistlines higher than our front waistlines.

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