Part the Second: Jetty

hello world
Beach look!

Here’s the second look, as promised — this day my family went down to the beach, in Connecticut, for a graduation party. The party itself was set back from the beach, next to some pretty typical Connecticut marshes. Being a water baby, I stayed with the waves. (Plus, those nasty nasty marshes were full of evil biting bugs that attacked me! I swear, bug-nip runs through my veins.)

in the distance
Looking back to the beginning.

Branching off the theme of hiding in plain sight, I realized something about myself on this day. As I leapt, barefoot, from rock to rock, with the goal of reaching the end of this jetty, it dawned on me that I’m actually a very physical person. I’ve always told myself and others that I’m lazy, because as a kid I would rather lay on the floor and read than play outside. And now, as an adult, I’d rather sew than hit the gym. But given the chance to be physical, I always always take it — given a trip to the beach, I choose to walk the full length of the jetty rather than sunbathe. Given a job that is 2+ miles away from my house, I choose to walk rather than take the bus. Given errands to run, I choose I carry my bags rather than cab it home. So, from today on out, I am not calling myself lazy, because I’m not.

baby greys
A sandshark!

Another realization, completely unrelated to being active, was that I’d never seen anyone fishing prior to that day. Can you believe it? Over thirty years of living, and I’d never seen such a basic activity. Made me think about how sheltered city/industrial living is, and whether it’s healthy to be so far removed from the natural order of things.

head to toe
How *you* doin’?

As for styling, I pretty much only swapped out the top — I have a habit of wearing the same shoes with certain garments. I don’t know if this means I need more shoes or more creativity, but for now it is what it is. I think the lace top & cardigan, paired with soft, simply pulled back hair give a different enough feel without changing my footwear. Hm, okay — that sounds like denial. :p  Methinks I need more shoes, after all!

Now, enjoy the obligatory pantomime:

on the phone


Cardigan: unknown

Top: Dots

Bra: Lane Bryant

Leggings: McCall’s M6173

Shoes: Payless

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