Pencil, Pencil, Where’s the Pencil?


In a bid to avoid looking like a spinster, I’ve once again begun wearing makeup. Not much, because I’m still annoyed I have to be a slave to appearances, but spending five minutes on my brows and another two on my eyelashes each morning does make a difference.

In my twenties, I actually wore makeup a lot! And I experimented a lot, watched dozens of hours of makeup videos on Youtube, spent entire evenings researching a single cosmetic product, and seriously considered becoming a makeup artist. (I decided against it, as I decided I’m not an artist and not talented enough to ever become a makeup artist. Yeah, I know — but I’m happy to say I’ve outgrown that kind of thinking.) The point of all this is that, despite preferring to spend my thirties plain-faced, I do know my way around self-beautification.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

That being said, some days I do better than other days. So when I came home this evening and caught my reflection in the mirror, I marvelled! My eyebrows looked AMAZING. So, I took a ton of photos and I’m sharing them here with you. I did a really good job on my eyebrows today — with a pencil, no less. (Makeup devotees prefer powder for the natural look, but I’ve learned how to have a light enough hand with my MAC Eye Brows pencil in Stud that it’s not such a harsh look.)

I don’t follow the standard advice for shaping my arch, as I prefer to follow the shape of my actual brow. I do, however, check the inside corner of my brow the standard way. When I did my brows this morning, I felt I’d started them too close together, but I didn’t feel like fixing it.

I’m trying to look mysterious. Don’t tell me I haven’t succeeded.

And here’s my technique: first I brush my brows with a spoolie, and then I use a MAC Eye Brows pencil to line and fill my brows. I remove some pigment with a Q-tip, then go over the whole shebang with MAC Brow Set gel in Clear. It literally takes me five minutes, and I suspect that time could be less except that I LOVE doing my eyebrows. I wasn’t born with much facial hair, so giving myself eyebrows is tons of fun.

Oops! Did I just say makeup is fun? Next thing you know I’ll be splurging on lip color … a slippery slope indeed.

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    1. It is so frustrating! I’m quite comfortable in my own skin, but being surrounded by made up women I always feel kind of drab. Younger men are starting to have to step up their game, but for them it’s a novel form of self-expression … we’ll see what happens when (if?) it becomes an expected part of male grooming & presentation.

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