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I’d like to thank and credit two ladies for today’s post: Sew Crafty Chemist and Ruthie Reviews. Without them publicly hipping me to last Saturday’s event, I would have chickened out and not gone. But they did. And because they did, I didn’t think any of my lame excuses (shyness, fatigue, lack of need for more fabric (!)) would be sufficient explanation for not going, so I went.

So glad I did!

I met Carolyn of Allspice Abounds and Lisa of Pattern and Branch. I met Sharon195x, who has collected every issue of Threads magazine and wishes to offload them — the very same magazine *I* wanted to collect from issue 1 for the purpose of building a sewing library. I met also other ladies whose PR names I don’t know (but whose real names I do know, now), who had awesome stories about learning to sew and buying machines. I got to meet Deepika and Maria Denmark. I got some super adorbs fabric, and some cool old patterns. I got out of the house on a beautiful Saturday morning in Boston’s lovely summer season, and I got lots of compliments on the top I wore … but didn’t sew. (Hah.) And I discovered that a PR meetup is about being welcoming, open, sharing, and supportive. I love that I went, and I love that my motivation was two ladies I’ve not met — yet! Sewing community is real, y’all.


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