Pretty Woman

Blue & white & happy all over.

Normally, I don’t photograph my RTW OOTD — partly because I’m more proud of my me-made clothing, but mostly because it’s more self-promoting than I’m comfortable with. Posting photos of myself simply because I’m wearing clothing? Not my style. (Not knocking those who do, because I follow such ladies online and on Instagram … just saying that I’m less outgoing.)

Happy + Surprised = Relaxed.

But this outfit is noteworthy because of the sheer volume of compliments I got, all day long. I have never, ever, ever experienced such a phenomenon! I’d always thought that if I did, I’d get big headed and arrogant, but by the end of the day I felt more happy and surprised than anything else.

bare feet
Barefoot is the new black.

Assembling this outfit was special, because I wore exactly what I wanted to wear. Normally, I assemble an outfit, then downgrade it so it doesn’t look as fun or pretty or classy or whatever. I worry about coming on too strong, standing out, or doing something ‘wrong’. But this morning, those nasty voices must have still been asleep, because I walked out of the house as-is!

back view
Front to back!

My favorite part of this outfit is the blouse; a friend of mine picked it out for me several years ago, and I’ve found it to be a really feminine, versatile piece. My spin on it was to turn it around; the bow is supposed to be in the front, but I like it better in back. The skirt is from Torrid, and it’s a bear to wear but such a useful item that I’m not ready to part with it. The shoes are Payless; I actually wore these shoes in white, not beige, but left them at work. So I had to do this photoshoot with the beige shoes.

Vintage locks.

Lastly, my hair looks fab-ooooo! Love it! I felt like a 60’s girl group singer all day, I was so happy. Don’t you love it when the stars align?

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