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I feel like a proud parent about my latest make!

Just sneak peeks for now, because I’ve got an outfit post coming up. Once again, I used my trusty TNT, McCall’s M6078 top. I added 1/2″ along the fold at center back and 3/4″ along the fold at center front, to accommodate my recent weight gain — otherwise, the XXL is the right size for me. (I also sewed a 1/4″ seam allowance to enlarge the top.)

Zig zagged armhole bands to armhole edge.

I originally bought this fabric to make a bathing suit. (Before I learned to sew, I thought a bathing suit would be easy!) I have yet to sew my own swimwear, and I only had a yard of this very old fabric. M6078 to the rescue!

/tie them bows/
Hanging loose.

As per my fledgling attempt on the orange and blue version of M6078, I banded the armholes. This time, however, I turned the bands into ties at the shoulder, to be worn in a bow or hanging loose. I once again attempted stitch in the ditch (“sitd”) on the back neckline … my sitd needs work.

side stripes
But I did a halfway decent job on matching stripes at the side seam!

Despite making this a bazillion times at this point, I almost always have trouble matching the shoulder seams. One tends to be longer than the other, sometimes by as much as 1″. Clearly, I need to take more care when basting the shoulder pleats and finishing the back neckline.

inside life
Gratuitous shot of the inside of the ties … seriously proud of these!

I’m glad I added so much width over all (a total of 4″), because this fabric is very thick and the extra space give the fabric room to drape without clinging to me.

funky tale
I finished the seam allowance backward, zig zagged over the edge and then edgestitched.

And I’m so glad I bought this pattern a million light years ago. I’m not sure what prompted the purchase, as it’s not my normal style, but it’s really paid for itself several times over.


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