Pulling the Trigger

I online-fabric shop much like I used to bid on eBay: find something I like, decide if it’s worth the price, then spring into action once someone else is close to getting it.

purple blend suiting
Purple goodness, courtesy of Fabric Mart

Fabric Mart had this enticing wool blend suiting, and for days I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The price was high (for me) and the fabric was too light to be more than a warm-weather option, but it was so striking! And then someone bought three of the seven yards in stock, so I pulled the trigger on the remainder.

pleather swatches
Courtesy of Fabric.com

Then I had a real stroke of genius: April is Sexy Month! And what is sexier than a leather jacket? Immediately I headed over to Fabric.com in search of pleather, and ordered swatches of these three fabrics.

Waisted Coat – Lekala #4298

I already knew what coat pattern I wanted to use for this sexy — but still very ‘me’ — warm weather coat. It’s got plenty of seams for getting a perfect fit, a nipped in waist to make me look like an hourglass, and a lots of length to play with. And using a Lekala pattern for my first ever coat, instead of a too-small non-custom pattern (I’m bigger than 98% of all patterns I’ve come across), should make fitting a little bit easier.

Also, please follow me on Instagram: makingtheflame! I think I’m going to start posting my progress photos there, and fabric purchases, etc. Or is Pinterest preferred for sharing among sewers? Let me know. :)

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  1. Hi! I really enjoy your blog, and was wondering how this coat worked out, and how you find Lekala patterns in general. I’m considering ordering a few myself, and was wondering if you found the instructions clear, and the fit accurate to your measurements? Keep up the fun blog!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I haven’t yet made this coat — I admit that it finally got warm and I went on a skirt/dress sewing tangent. I have used a few other Lekala patterns, and to me they run small. The pencil skirt only needed an extra 1/2″ at all side seams, but the t-shirt sleeves would not have pulled on without the modifications I made. And it was a bit short, too. I went to start a pattern for wovens only to find there was negative ease … I’ve heard it takes time to get the right fit with Lekala, but once you do it’s great. :/ Hope this helps!

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