Punching My Charlee Card

My best friend and I are complete opposites in many ways. One way in which we differ is that she’s pretty much a one and done sort of person — if you come at her with foolishness, she writes you off immediately. Me, I’m all about second (and third, and fourth) chances, which she thinks is completely nuts. Certainly, it comes with risks, but I think I like the rush of being vindicated after the fact.

So it’s natural that I would order more fabric from Girl Charlee, after being underwhelmed by my first experience. This time around I got two knits and a woven, and I also had the knowledge from my first experience to help guide the second.

Hibiscus Cotton Floral Jersey Knit — Girl Charlee (now sold out)

This is the fabric I said I’d re-order, so I can make a maxi dress and pencil skirt to match the blazer I plan to make. I still haven’t found the perfect blazer pattern … I like this one from Salme, but do I really want to grade the pattern from a 42″ bust to a 49″ bust after printing it out and taping it together? Only if it cools down a bit … and even then, it’s a maybe. But it’s such a cute blazer! Time will tell.

Black LOVE on Heather Gray Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric — Girl Charlee

This is the fabric I picked out months ago, to make a Boohoo inspired t-shirt dress. I only finally pulled the trigger on this one because of the success of my first go at B6041. This knit is a little lighter weight than the ponte I first used for B6041 and lighter than the floral knit above, but still not flimsy. I think it would make an even better B6041! And now that I’ve got my pattern modifications all worked out for that one, it will be a nice, easy sew — exactly what I’m looking for right now.

Painted Sailboats on Navy Blue Crepe De Chine Fabric — Girl Charlee

Lastly but not leastly is the fabric I really loved from this recent order. The swatch on the GC  website really doesn’t do it sufficient justice. This fabric is everything I was looking for: cute, lightweight, and drapey. Perfect! I love it so much, I’m going to order from Girl Charlee again! But probably not too many t-shirt knits. Ironically enough, I feel that their t-shirt knits are below the quality I can get pretty much anywhere else. They just don’t feel right, y’know? But their ponte, and now their wovens, are definitely an A-ok in my book.


And for those of you not from Boston, today’s title refers to this: Charlie Card. And yes, I do call my Charlie Card my car, because without it I can’t get around — I don’t drive!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inkYXVCvRjc]

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  1. I took the RedLine to the Meetup on Saturday! I added $5 to my card and got $15 back in coin, forgetting that the ticket machine does not give back bills… I am stopping by here after Allspice Abounds mentioned you! In the past, I’ve ordered once from GC and had a meh reaction- knit is thinner & I’m hoping it won’t want to pill… Anyway, it’s always great to meet other Boston sewers/bloggers. BTW, I love the colors in the sailboat fabric!!

    1. Ah, yes, the $1 coin…once you get burnt by the MBTA machine, you always remember to have small bills. It’s so funny — everyone but me has found their knits thin, and I get the only stiff/thick ones they have. That, or they’ll get thinner/pillier as I wear them in garment form. Eeek. Thanks for the kind words about the sailboats :)

  2. First: Great minds… I tagged you on IG to ask if you’d heard about the meet up! :)

    Second: I have not ordered from GC because people rave about it but I’ve seen too many “but this knit was thinner/not as substantial/not quite what I thought it was” and I’ve been scared off. I do love that “LOVE” fabric though. It’s gorgeous!

    Can’t wait to see what they become!

    1. Great minds indeed! Thank you for thinking of me. :) I’m nervous, but I RSVP’d! Exciting!!!!

      And yeah, I’ve heard those comments about GC fabric being thin … somehow I have picked only medium to thick fabrics. Go figure! I’d say give’em a whirl sometime, but do a web search to see if other people have bought/reviewed your preferred fabric before you pull the trigger. That’s the one good thing about GC, lots of sewers are talking about their experience pretty honestly. Oh, and fabric can only be cut in full yards. Shipping is $5 for 1-3 yards and $10 for 4+ yards; keep that in mind!

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