A Saturday Confession: Sunrise, Sunset

I have a secret to share with you: I am not always confident.

It’s not PC to admit this, and it certainly makes for awkward dinner conversation, but I believe that sharing this is helpful to all of us who struggle with a lack of confidence in ourselves.

Chains for ships, Philadelphia

Much as I love sewing, and fashion, and all sorts of related areas, I’m still not sure if I’m ever doing the right thing. If I try a trend, am I wearing it right, or do I look like wannabe in it? If I wear my own style, do I look like the weird person we all try to avoid?

When I sew, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing it right, or good enough for some external measure — would my handiwork fly in an alterations shop? In a department store? A boutique? Am I good enough to have custom clients?

I have no answers to these questions. And maybe if I could get answers, I wouldn’t like what I heard. But the bigger question is, why am I asking? And what difference would the answers make? Maybe the important thing is sewing for the sake of sewing; dressing for the sake of dressing. Maybe the brownie points don’t matter so much.

Dawning, Philadelphia

Maybe it’s better to consider: “How can I be more of who I am?”

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