Saturday Musings: 2015 All Done

No worries, people — I haven’t forgotten your tutorial! :) Life has gotten very involved, and without a solid writing schedule….the tutorial has been in draft purgatory. But it’s getting there.

This, however, is more of a wrap up post than anything else. All the cool kids are doing it! So I will, too. 2015 has been a disappointing sewing year, if I am to be honest with you. I’ve made some garments I loooove, but I used only about five different patterns to make them: B6041, B6258, M6078, Burda 6789, M6744. I’m still incredibly slow at laying out and cutting fabric/patterns, which led to sewing many fewer things than I wanted. I allowed my sewing studio to get bogged down in crap multiple times, and had to dig it out before sewing, multiple times — yet another time waster. I made things for people, but not always on time or on spec. And my stash has grown. Barely, but still. I seem to be unable to use up all of my scraps, and equally unable to throw them away until they’re all used up. (Ask me how many half and five-eighth yard pieces I have…)

So, 2015 was disappointing.


2015 was also really, really successful, in the sheer number of compliments I received on my homemade garments. It was also really, really successful in the amount of joy and comfort I experienced, wearing things I made. I also figured out a garment tag for my makes, which has been huge in feeling like my clothes are legit — and I felt pretty clever for finding an organic way to tag my garments. Lastly, My reputation in 2015 grew exponentially: people now know me as someone who sews her own clothing. I no longer have to subtly sneak that into conversation, hah.

So 2015 is kind of wash — the good balances out the bad. And I think that’s most years, and that’s a good thing. Massively positive breakthroughs can’t possibly happen every year, and even if they do, they cannot happen in the absence of total fails and bummers. So, on to the next one. For 2016, I’ve come up with three phrases to guide my ever evolving style, so hopefully my projects will convey them clearly. I absolutely must learn how to lay out and cut fabric/patterns more quickly, as it is a barrier between me and fulfilling customer orders in a timely fashion. (And between me and having a ridiculous amount of awesome clothes.) Finally, I’d like to teach what I know. It isn’t much, but sometimes teaching is more about inspiring others to learn more, than being an expert yourself.

That’s all for now; I’ve got the time and energy to sew some things (three B6258 tops and one B6258 skirt, plus a pair of Burda 6789 pants and maybe a top and dress from B6041 — guess who spent Christmas cutting fabric), so I’m getting to it. Remember that Jungle January starts in five days. Pull a roar from your stash and join in!

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  1. Yup, most years are a wash of good and bad, that’s just how it goes! If you come out of the year with some new experiences and new lessons learned, I’d say that’s a win, and I think you’ve accomplished that. :) Looking forward to seeing your new projects. Happy New Year!

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