Saturday Musings: Boycott Thoughts

Waffle Patterns – Brownie Minidress

Earlier this month, Chastity of Garnerstyle wrote an open letter to Target, with the conclusion that she’d be boycotting their stores for not giving plus sizes any real attention. The tipping point for her was that their latest designer collabo does not come in plus sizes. She encouraged readers to join in her boycott. As a reader of her blog, someone who has enjoyed both her style and her thoughts, I took this appeal very seriously.

Waffle Patterns – Candy Swing Top

On the other hand, I’m also me. I’ve been in love with the business section in the newspaper, and reading about big business, for over a decade now. I sew my own clothes. I am stubborn and contrary and work very hard to get what I want — because not getting what I want is not an option. (It sounds terrible, but it’s really quite charming. *wink*) Therefore, I wondered what exactly was the point of boycotting a store after they’ve boycotted your dollars? What effect will getting your eggs and shampoo elsewhere really have on their bottom line? I decided I could not join in the boycott.

Waffle Patterns – Caramel Jacket

This morning, I got a newsletter from Grey’s Fabric, a Boston fabric store. It mentioned their PDF pattern store, which I wasn’t aware they had. (Yet another reason why I’m a big believer in newsletters, they *can* educate and reach the customer!) Checking it out, I fell in love — with Waffle Patterns. But Waffle Patterns only go up to a size 10. I can grade pretty well, but going from a 10 to a 26/28 is ill advised, to say the least. I went to the Waffle Patterns Etsy store, looking for bigger sizes (and more patterns, let’s be real, I was hooked), and found … bupkis. Waffle Patterns are not for you, if “you” is bigger than a size 10.


Waffle Patterns – Cookie Blouson

Chastity’s plea echoed through my brain. I finally understood her frustration. But I’m still me! And me does not take no for an answer. “No” means “find a solution”, not “this is not for you”. Waffle Patterns has thrown the gauntlet; I accept. As for the Target boycott … there are solutions there, too, and one day the right people will find them and share them.

Waffle Patterns – Snowball Dress

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