Saturday Musings: Changes

Do you ever look at your blog?

I admit it: I rarely do. I check long enough to see that the newest post has gone public, and then go about my way. Earlier this week, I was inspired to look over my work … and I was kind of bored. Something is missing — but what?

Firstly, my tag line needs to change: and as of today, it has changed. This blog is now about sewing, (personal) style, and body image. I’m sure you saw this coming! :)

Sewing more publicly brought me into conflict with pre-existing ideas about bodies: mine, and other people’s. More specifically, it really drove home the point that we are not our bodies — but we live in a world where we *are* our bodies. Thinking about these two themes became a full time mental occupation, and as the song goes: ‘what consumes your thoughts, controls your life‘. Or fuels your blogging. Whatever.

Secondly, this blog is now nine months old. For better or worse, nine months always brings to mind pregnancy and childbirth. At the end of nine months, I wonder: what growth has occurred? What progress has been made? I don’t feel this blog has changed dramatically since its inception in January. So something has to change. But a good change. Because frankly, I love blogging, love writing, love hearing thoughts from other people!So please stick around as Making the Flame undergoes some positive growth, and feel free to leave feedback on the changes — either by commenting on the blog, or emailing me: makingtheflame @ gmail . com.

ETA: I wrote this post & scheduled it over a week ago; a few days ago my bosses dramatically changed my work hours — non negotiable — starting the Monday after this post. I’ll have no guaranteed time/energy for sewing during the week unless I get really strict with this job’s increasing imposition on my personal life! It is oddly prescient that I had this post in the works before I got the (bad) news. Maybe I’m psychic. ;)

Also, this is my 150th post. Gotta love milestones and all that jazz….

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  1. So difficult when you are told about a decision without being included in the discussion. I hope it doesn’t eat too much into your sewing time!

  2. Congrats on the blog milestones! I’ll be excited to see the new changes developing, even if it happens in bits and bobs whenever you find the time. Hang in there with your new schedule. Work sucks, but at least you can daydream about sewing. :)

  3. Happy 150th post! And change can be good! I’ll be here!!

    To the new work schedule…poop flakes, as my son would say. Hopefully you can get sewing time in somewhere.

    1. Thanks, Nakisha! I hope it will be good changes, even if they’re a little slower to implement than I would like.

      ‘Poop flakes’ is HILARIOUS! When my job brings me “to the edge”, I’ll have to remember this and have a giggle. I swear, this job is nuts in a way I’ve never experienced. o_O

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