Saturday Musings: Crowning Glory

Today’s post has nothing to do with sewing* — consider yourself warned.

Big hair, big smile!

As a single lady, there are tons of schools of thought about what I need to do in order to find a suitable partner. The main school of thought is that  appearance, for a woman wanting to attract a man (ie, me) is anywhere from 50% to 95% of the equation. Sewing my own clothes has given me a lot of confidence in my appearance; gaining weight has taken some away; adjusting my posture so that I’m finally 5’10 and not 5’9.5 has given me OODLES of confidence (seriously!), but one thing has been a constant problem regardless:

My hair.

A woman’s hair is everything — whether she wears it long or short, curly or straight, dyes it or keeps it natural, every decision impacts how she is perceived, judged, and interacted with. In a bid to ‘change up’ how others see/perceive me, I’m growing my hair out. Personally, I love wild and messy, short curly hair. And that’s how my hair used to be. Right now, though, it’s awkward-length and shabby looking because I don’t know what to do with hair of this length! But I’m stubborn a fighter, so I’m going to persist on this path.

And on the chance that you, reader, or someone you know, etc, have hair like mine and/or a conundrum like mine, I found a few videos that seem doable for a woman who secretly wants to hack off her 4b hair, dye it pink, and let the curls do their thing.


(*I’d like to share a bit more of my non-sewing related life. Hopefully it’s not too distracting! I’m inspired to do this by all the ladies who mention/show other parts of their lives — like SunnyGal Studio, who often shares her lovely garden.)


Okay, links!

Wash, Shingle & Go Tutorial by SelfCenteredCafe– my favorite style, I used to do this when my hair was shorter.

Photo of shingled hair by Curly-Natural-Me

Roll, Tuck, and Pin Updo by Sharterrka03 — a better version of the way I currently wear my hair.

Simple Wash and Go Hairstyle, also by Sharterrka03 — I looove the bangs/front.

On a related note, I’m a big believer that a drastic change in hairstyle indicates a drastic shift emotionally/psychologically, for women. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a big change in a woman’s life or personality that *wasn’t* accompanied by a brand new hairstyle? Or do you have any fun stories about a big change that *was* accompanied by new hair? I’m a total hair nut, so please feel free to share!

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  1. Every single woman I know that’s gone through a divorce and had longish hair chopped it off as soon as the paperwork was signed. And when my SIL was single she had a very short haircut. Her friend told her “you need to grow out your hair to get a man” and not long after she started growing it out she met my brother!

    Hair aside, most of the guys I’ve talked to said they look for a woman that’s interesting and pleasant to be around. Being a good cook doesn’t hurt either! ;)

    1. Aha! More anecdotes, thank you! Sometimes I worry that I’m only growing my hair out to be more attractive to men, but I usually wear in a bun regardless of length. I sadly have no cooking skills! I keep hoping to meet a man who wants a live in seamstress. ;p

  2. Hair. Women and their hair. BLACK women and their hair. Theses could be written!!!! :)

    I am an “it’s just hair” lady. I’ve cut and re-grown 13 full heads of hair at least! :) I wish I could color it but choosing to be relaxed + super fine hair = no additional chemicals. Three years ago when I wanted my near arm-pit length hair hacked off to a cute chin-length bun, my stylist told me no! I told her ITS JUST HAIR!

    Pretty inspiration pics. Pretty!!

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