Saturday Musings: Feeling Left Out, But Not Willing To Change

What do I dooooooo????

This is a long-running theme in my life: feeling left out of something, but not actually wanting to participate in it. What I want is to be part of something, included in something. Sometimes I start my own thing (eg, this blog) and still feel left out because I do things differently from the norm.

Please tell me you can relate!

What got me thinking like this? Well, McCall’s announced a crazy sale today, and I’m tired of being good on every front, and being always responsible. (Which is not to say I am empirically good or responsible, just that I feel I’m being as such.) I want to splurge. I want to acquire!!! And what better time than now to jump on the McCall’s 6886 bandwagon?

Line Art

It’s on sale for $2.49!!! $1.99 if you’re a club member.


I have Butterick 6041:

Line Art

I’ve perfected it to fit my size and my shape, and I’ve even used it to make a shirt. It’s my TNT. I could probably peg the bottom and it would look like 6886…but what about the neckline? 6886 has a crew neck; 6041 has a scoop neck. I’m not personally big on crew necks…but EVERYONE has sewn 6886. None of them are fat, afaics, but they all rave about their versions. Maybe it would look good on me, too, despite the lack of a center back seam (swayback adjustment–how?), the side seam shaping (belly friendly? hmmm), and the crew neck (which visually shortens my already short neck)?

Le sigh.

Sometimes I feel like I was put on earth to be weird. Seriously! I have always been the odd one out. I’m pretty blessed in that there are enough slightly weird/proudly weird/unknowingly weird/genuine people out there that I’ve always had friends, so it’s a touch melodramatic to complain. And I know what to do to fit in. I just….can’t….do it.

How about you? Is there some area of your life where you simply can’t play along, and have to go your own way? How do you feel about it? Do you feel that sewing your own clothes has enhanced or otherwise affected your waywardness? I want to hear from you!

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  1. Oh Ebi, I feel your pain! I’m totally weird and have just learned to accept it rather than try to fit into something that doesn’t work for me. But you know what? Everyone is weird in some way or another, and the differences are what make people fun and interesting. At least, that’s what I tell myself. :)

    As for the 2 patterns, I’d say if you can get the McCall’s for less than 3 bucks, go for it! Save the guilt for higher price tags.

    1. GAH! I’m only seeing this comment now. :( New website, still has ‘quirks’. Anyway….

      I ended up not getting anything, I was so torn! I do like the idea of a 6886. Perhaps if I actually get it, I’ll be able to tell from the pattern pieces how to grade it up for me? Anyhoo. We definitely all have our challenges when it comes to fitting patterns, it’s true.

    1. Hello Evelyn! Welcome to Making the Flame. :) TNT stands for ‘tried ‘n’ true’. TNT patterns are patterns that are winners — usually, simple, fast, attractive, and well-fitting — that we return to many times over when we need a successful garment. I sew mainly from my TNTs because fitting a pattern takes so much work for me: my favorites are Butterick 6041, Butterick 6258, McCall’s 6078, McCall’s 6173 — I’ve made 35-40 garments from these four patterns alone!

  2. Oh I feel like that all the time! Part of it in my case is that people sew all different patterns and knit super complicated things, and I feel like that is what I should try to do, but I really just want to sew and knit what I know I will wear.

    I feel like we should both stick to our already well fitting TNTs and work on adapting them for new looks. We are setting ourselves up for success that way.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Maggie! I hear that a lot, people wanting to make only what they will wear…it took me awhile to realize, I do that, too! That’s why I have so many TNTs, because I’d rather hack a perfectly fitting pattern than start from scratch. Thanks to a recent Pattern Review contest, I’m trying to be more experimental with my pattern stash…so far, I’ve netted one wadder and two patterns with potential. I’ve also got another B6041 on my cutting table. :-p

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