Saturday Musings: How To Live On Twenty-Four Hours A Day

yellow flowers
Bright, maybe or maybe not real … but bright!

This past week I had a full-time work assignment, and I will again next week. In January, I only worked three days. (#TempLife) So where last month I sewed or made patterns almost daily, this whole past week my sewing area has lain untouched. At first, I came home from work and crashed, but by Wednesday I remembered the advice in one of the best (and oldest) self-help books ever: How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, by Arnold Bennett.

He advised that just because one works all day is no excuse not to use one’s time outside work fully and to the max. It’s a short book, but a really eye-opening, life -changing read — I *definitely* recommend that you buy it and read it! Anyway, it got me thinking that coming home to crash was a waste of several hours of evening time. Even if I am too mentally drained to sew, I can still work on my other pursuits.

morning glory
Glory of the morning!

So since Wednesday, I’ve been using my mornings and evenings to read about entrepreneurship and the psychology of fashion (two of my favorite topics), as well as to work through my French lessons and the fabulous book of vintage clothing I got from my local library (I’ll have to write a review of this book at some point, won’t I?). I’ve also used my extra time to get enough sleep so that I can function well at work, and call/email friends to catch up with them.

So while I haven’t sewed a stitch, at least I didn’t waste my time — and now that it’s the weekend, I can finally give my projects the focus and time they deserve. Viva le 24!

(PS: I can see fashion is being neglected on this blog. Tsk, tsk! I’ll have to come up with some fashion posts for you, as well. I’ve definitely been noticing trends, it’s just a matter of finding examples for you. Web research …. )

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