Saturday Musings: #ImNoAngel

Hopefully you have a more reliable source for breaking news than this blog, because #ImNoAngel is no longer the brandest new publicity campaign. If you don’t know what it is, well … you can Google the term and see for yourself.

Personally, when I first saw the tag, I thought it was a guerilla parody of Victoria’s Secret Angels by plus size models. Then I saw an ad somewhere — Instagram? — and decided it had nothing to do with VS. I mean, the angel part did, but the gist of it was completely different. These ladies were sexy for themselves, not for anyone else. VS Angels are definitely sexy for the male gaze (at least, I’ve heard the greatest number of comments on their runway show from men). ‘Cool!’ said Ebi. ‘This is empowering for all women.’

Um, yeah. *smile*

After a few days, I realized that I missed the point entirely — these ladies were intended to be the plus size answer to/version of the VS Angels, and Victoria’s Secret and the media were Not Happy. ‘Huh?’ Ebi wondered. ‘Why on earth do they even care what fat ladies are doing?’

Fast forward even more days to now, and … I still don’t understand what the problem is.

Relatedly, I’d like to share something with you all. I’ve published 170+ posts on this blog, including this one. Cumulatively, they’ve received over 11,000 views and more than 400 comments (half of which are my replies, let’s be honest). Would you like to know my #1 post?

Saturday Musings: Bikini Body (A Photo Essay)

This post has received zero comments. And 750+ views. ONE POST. One post showing women of varying weights and silhouettes, has received almost 7% of all the views to my blog. It consistently gets views 13 days out of a fortnight. Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that there is a hunger for the thing that #ImNoAngel can, could, or does represent: the freedom for a woman to love, cherish, and enjoy her body without apology, guilt, or shame. So while the media attempt to pillory Lane Bryant and pit slim women against the much larger population of women — *wink* — I’m going to rest easy knowing that once an idea is out there, it will take on a life of its own.

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  1. Honestly, I hadn’t read the bikini post until today- but as I did- I smiled. If you like it – make it your own! Today I plan to think about what my reaction is and what your post said to me. Thanks for the inspiration.

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