Saturday Musings: Inspiration List #2

Inspiration List #2 on Saturday Musings, at Making the Flame. Body positive sewing & style.

#sewphotohop 2016

In case you didn’t know, #sewphotohop is back this year! Created and hosted by Rachel at House of Pinheiro, it’s a photo-a-day challenge with a different sewing-related theme for each day in September.

I’ve been trying to keep up with posting, but the real pleasure has been scrolling through the hashtag on Instagram. “Meeting” new sewers and interacting with their fabulous garments, thoughtful comments, and creative photos, has been a blast. Check out #sewphotohop on Instagram, and get inspired by the highlights below!

The Inspiration List on Saturday Musings at Making the Flame.

Inspiration, Day by Day

(day 1) Hello!

Would you believe, there’s at least one other sewer who is also a metal fan? Well, there is — Caroline! Another musically-inclined sewer is Annie. If you can read her greeting and not get the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air stuck in your head…I tip my hat to you.

(day 2) Favorite Skill

Hands down, Carolyn‘s shoemaking ability was the most inspiring skill I came across! Not only did she make an amazing outfit for One Year, One Outfit, but now she can literally dress herself from head to toe.

(day 3) Dream Project

There’s truly nothing new under the sun…not even dreams. Both Emma and I dream of making leather Burberry-inspired coats. C-razy, ain’t it? But that’s the beauty of #sewphotohop, it helps like-minded sewers find each other.

(day 4) Signature Look

What could be more signature than no signature at all? That’s what was so cool about Hila‘s montage of fab looks. Also, the photo itself was so cool! I love Hila’s new Instagram photo style.

(day 6) Essential Kit

Apparently, Morgan‘s grandmother though these boots were made for…pinning! How cool is that? And it’s so tiny and adorable…what a fabulous and useful item to keep around the sewing room.

(day 9) Dud (Gone Wrong)

Major props to Kisha for sharing a dud that was actually a dud, albeit in a great shade of the best color ever. *smile* I love how Nakisha keeps it 100% real at all times. Much respect to this woman!

The Inspiration List on Saturday Musings at Making the Flame.

More, More, More

There were all these gems and more, after just 9 days of #sewphotohop. Really looking forward to the rest of the month!

What about you — are you participating in #sewphotohop? Leave your Instagram handle in the comments below!

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