Saturday Musings: Me Made May #MMMay16

So, Zo...has organized Me Made May for the online sewing community! 2016.

I’m a fair weather #mmmay16 participant…literally.

The weather here in New England has been cold, rainy, and blech all month. And now that I’m working from home, I don’t have mirrors to use for selfies, so it’s got to be outdoor photos…but the outdoors has not been cooperating. But I still want to participate! So I’m writing four Saturday Musings this month, focused on making one’s own clothes, from different angles.

For starters, I loved the #makersforfashrev and #fashrev tags on IG last month, and the ‘who made my clothes?’ movement in general, so this will be my topic today (week 1). Next week (week 2), I’ll branch off into how sewing has affected my clothing shopping habits and my thoughts on current clothing shopping options. Week 3, I’ll talk about sewing and body image (of course!), as that’s a direct spinoff of shopping. Amirite, ladies? And finally, in week 4, I’ll talk about creativity, and how it shapes all of the above — body image, shopping habits, and the knowledge of/interest in ‘who makes my clothes’.

I hope you stick around, share your thoughts in the comments section, and enjoy the series! Week 1 post is coming up later today. :)

UPDATE: Enjoy the links to the whole series below!

Week 1: Saturday Musings: Who Made My Clothes? #MMMay16

Week 2: Saturday Musings: Retail Therapy or RTW Fast? #MMMay16

Week 3: Saturday Musings: Unique in Standard Sizing #MMMay16

Week 4: Sunday Musings: Embracing Your Creativity #MMMay16

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