Saturday Musings: Moving Day!

Today marks the first day I have access to my new apartment.

Today approaches. "Moving Day" - Saturday Musings, on Making the Flame.

It’s a minor event, yet I’ve been struggling with growing anxiety about this day as it approached. The anxiety destroyed my eating choices, ramped up my over sensitivity, made work a nightmare, injected abruptness and a lack of empathy into my dealings with others, and stolen so many nights of sleep from me via bad dreams and restlessness. It’s been three or four increasingly miserable weeks.

These sorts of times. "Moving Day" - Saturday Musings, on Making the Flame.

In these sorts of times, I would normally soothe myself with sewing. Clear my social calendar, grab fabric and a pattern, and lock myself into sewing mode until my mind is clear again. But this time, most of my fabric is in storage and I am trying to keep my sewing area neat. So, no pulling out a million patterns and daydreaming over them. Also, sewing reminded me that I don’t know if I’ll have space for my studio in my new place. Being reminded of the possibility of a major downgrade in my sewing set up, really sucked the life out of my sewjo!

Change is a part of life. "Moving Day" - Saturday Musings, on Making the Flame.

There are some things to look forward to in the new place, though. I look forward to living  a more nocturnal lifestyle, which suits me better than the faux-early bird life I’ve been living for the past several years. And if I do have sewing space, this means more sewing when my creative juices are at their juiciest! I’m looking forward to trying out crock pot cooking, new spots for outdoor photo shoots, and being a five minute walk from both my fabric stash in storage AND my local fabric store.

Let me repeat: I’ll be five walking minutes from the local fabric store!!!

Also, frankly, change is a part of life that I do my darnedest to avoid. It’s a terrible habit that we all have to some extent, but I’m definitely a hang-on-tooth-and-nail-to-the-old-way sort of gal, haha. It’s great to have lived a stable life but maaaaaan can it be stagnant! So a move is a great way to infuse some freshness into my world.

How do you handle change? "Moving Day" - Saturday Musings, on Making the Flame.

How do you handle change? Are you a go with the flow, jump on opportunity type, or a more cautious and slower paced type?






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  1. Congrats on moving. I hate I’m seeing this post so much later, but I hope you’ve gotten all set up in your new place and have a place to sew! Remember, even a small space and be productive. I am a girl who hates change too…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or if it is, just patch it up.

  2. I HATE moving. We moved about a dozen times I think, in the past, but we have been staying put for the last two decades and plan to continue being a couple of boring old whatchamacallums forever.

    Good luck with your new apartment and nocturnal lifestyle.

  3. Good luck with your move, Ebi! I agree change is uncomfortable and necessary. I tend to procrastinate until the fire under my rear is hot enough to make me go with the flow and once I’m in, I acclimate pretty quickly.

    That neighborhood fabric store is sure to help you settle in smoothly.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Najah. :) The fire is definitely under my rear now, hah. I am looking forward to being able to make emergency interfacing runs. I feel like I never have enough!

  4. Good luck with your move–I hope things settle down soon so that you can really start to enjoy your new space. For me, moving is one of those things that is the absolute WORST in the moment. And then once all the logistical things are settled, I find myself looking around and loving how fresh and new everything feels.

    I’m also the kind of person who likes to cling to the familiar. I like routine and stability. Meanwhile, my husband is the kind of person who gets restless and agitated when things have been the same for too long. I’ll never love change the way that he does, but I have been making a conscious effort to be more open to new things and to disruptions to my routines. It doesn’t mean that I like it, but more that I try to take a deep breath and remember that shaking things up can be a good thing. It’s hard!

    1. Aw, thanks for chiming in, Anna! I’m glad I’m not the only one who prefers familiarity, though it is indeed beneficial to occasionally shake things up. Or in my case, make a big change every few years. It’s like I save up the small changes until I can make one big change and just deal with that single event, haha. It’s great your husband is different from you–you both get to benefit from a different style of living. :)

  5. Congrats and best wishes, Ebi! Moving can be very stressful, but as you mentioned, it can also be a great excuse to change up a stagnant routine, branch out, find new experiences, meet new people, etc. And if you will be 5 min from GH… well… that can’t be too bad. :)

    I find that I cope with upcoming changes by planning. The more I plan, the more in control of the situation I feel.

    I hope you find some space to sew in your new apartment. You may not be able to set up a large studio, but I bet you can find a smaller table to use, even if it’s the kitchen table!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I’ll actually be 5 minutes from Sewfisticated — but a short bus ride to GH. Love your idea about planning to cope with change, and managing a smaller sewing space. I’m so totally spoiled with my studio. :-O

  6. Best wishes with the move!! And YAY for sewing regaining a place. 5 minutes from the good fabric store? This may spell trouble :)

    I am definitely a “roll with the punches, embrace change, gear up for the next life phase” kinda lady. There’s almost always something greater around the bend!

    Good luck!

    1. Why am I not surprised you’re a roll with the punches kind of lady? ;-) Thank you for the kind words! Hoping the move goes okay (and just in case it’s terrible, I’m doing a little last minute sewing in my fabulous studio).

      The proximity to the fabric store should be okay…my rent is so high that I (mostly) trust myself to stay restricted to emergency thread and interfacing runs. Not emergency silk and ITY runs! lol

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