Saturday Musings: Sewing Storms and Chatfilter

Hello all!

Happy Saturday. :)  Hope all of you who have the day off get to relax a bit before launching into Saturday tasks. I fully admit to lazing around in bed until noon on Saturdays, regardless of when I wake up.

But this post is not (necessarily) about that. This post is a behind-the-scenes look at yours truly. And sewing!

I’m very, very private and don’t share much with anyone, but it looks like that’s going to have to change if this blog is not to languish during the current phase of my life. Basically, there’s a ton going on in my personal life that has not affected my ability to sew, but does dominate my thoughts and could very well spill into this blog. In a bid to spare you all the gory details, I’ve not been writing as much…but I miss blogging, and reading other people’s blogs. (I tend to read them more when I’m also blogging, not sure why.) So please be aware that you’ll possibly get a window into my life for awhile.

As for sewing, I’m back on the band wagon big time! Changes at work and the desire for a genuine, planned professional trajectory have necessitated new clothes and lots of them. In the past week I made two skirts and two tops, which pace is unheard of for me! I’ll get around to blogging them, most likely photographed on Porky because it’s faster than a proper photo shoot.

Other musings:

-I spent half as much on a dress form (Porky) as on a serger, but the dress form has been an amazing asset while the serger sits on the floor under a dust cover.

-The more I get compliments on my me-made clothes, the more reluctant I am to admit I made them. Invariably, the response is ‘I wish I could sew’, ‘I should have you make my clothes’, or ‘I wish I had the figure for that’. (Considering how fat and waist-less I am, that last lament is hilarious.) It makes me uncomfortable and guilty. Do any of you have to deal with this?

-That being said, it still boggles my mind that men are 100% indifferent that I make my own clothes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when I meet the man who thinks it’s cool and creative that I make my own clothes (without suggesting I make or mend his), I will marry him.

-Building off the above point….yours truly is verrrry single. Hah! :-p

That’s all for now; I’m going to go tweak the pattern for my latest almost-success: Butterick B6258 view B. The skirt though, has been a dream! I’m happy to say that my tiny tweaks to the Melinda Knit Tunic by Style Arc have made it fit perfectly (a smidge long, but better too long than too short). The wardrobe building process is moving along nicely!

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  1. My husband supports and enables my sewing. I think partly because my introvert nature made going to events hard enough without the added torture of retail reminding me that the nice clothing is for the smaller people- get back in the dartless tent area, Ma’am. When I’m making my clothing I feel much better about it and proud of it. He supports the less stress it brings to him!!

    1. This is an excellent point! I’m also an introvert, and it makes such a big difference knowing that I’m dressed well (and in my own style) when I go out and about. I’ve been a lot more social and ‘courageous’ by introvert standards, and I do believe it’s from knowing that I look okay, even if I’m not the most charismatic person in the room.

  2. There is hope, because there are men out there who will think that you sewing is cool! My husband is quick to tell people I made my outfit, and he loves doing photo shoots of my makes. He even rallied a bunch of his co-workers to vote on my dress to win in a sewing contest one time.

    Own those clothes that you make, and be proud of them! I have the, “Hell yes I made it, and no I won’t make you something unless you offer up some serious cash,” attitude.

    1. AHHHHH!!! Love your attitude!!!! Must copy!!! And your husband is winning — getting other people to vote for you is some serious fandom. And enjoying being your photographer?? Does he have any brothers? ;-)

  3. Yay for good life stuff! :)

    I do tell people more and more that I made something I’m wearing if they compliment it. I work with a couple of women who *can* sew, but they don’t sew much.

    And YAY for the speed sewing! LOL! You’ll have that new wardrobe in no time!

    1. Hah, you’re the exact opposite of me! If I were you, though, I’d be bragging like crazy. Welted pocket pants in a few days? I made them!!! Hah :) I’m excited for my fast new wardrobe–right now I’m hung up on a skirt that needed to be pieced together and quilted on before I can whip through the sewing….and wow, quilting takes a long time.

  4. Oh man, I totally get what you’re saying about telling people you sew. Almost every time I use my grocery bags–no matter the store–the cashier gushes over them and tells me how great they are. And some of them express such longing to learn! I know that Joann’s does classes; I’ll have to look up what they offer so that I can pass that on to these sad non-sewing cashiers I keep coming across. ;)

    I also find it amazing that most men don’t appreciate our superpower. ;) I think my partner is learning to appreciate my sewing and he loves the custom orders I’ve made for him, though he’s not at the point of bragging about my mad sewing skillz yet. So maybe (at least some) men are trainable.

    I hope the changes in your life lead you to a happier place and that you’ll continue to write about what you feel comfortable sharing with us.

    1. Aren’t homemade grocery bags the best??? They cut wayyyy back on the clutter created by plastic shopping bags. I’ll have to refer people to sewing class places, maybe then they’ll realize sewing is as much work as it is fun. :) Yay that your partner is getting hip to our ‘superpower’ — and lucky him to have you making him custom things! I like that more sewing ladies are making things for their husbands and sons, it keeps the landscape diverse.

      Thank you very much for the kind words. :)

  5. Hello Ebi,

    I do quite a bit of lazing around in bed on Saturdays too, I watch movies on my laptop.

    Sometimes I am reluctant to admit that I made my clothes as I quite dislike being asked to sew for free. Though I love the end-result of my sewing, the process isn’t as enjoyable as eating ice-cream, it’s finger-numbing and back-breaking. Lol

    @”when I meet the man who thinks it’s cool and creative that I make my own clothes (without suggesting I make or mend his), I will marry him.” Me too!!! XD

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hope all the changes in your life right now are the good and exciting kind! I’m glad to hear you’ve been sewing more and that things continue to go well at your job with your new professional work wardrobe. And as for men thinking sewing is cool… I’m sure there must be some out there! I don’t think John gets excited about sewing, but he does appreciate that I have my own hobbies to balance out his.

    1. Hi Carolyn! :)

      Yes, the changes have all been quite positive. Feeling grateful for it!

      I’m surprised John hasn’t completely banned you from sewing after three pairs of your Japanese shorts, hah! :-p Seriously though, it’s more that it doesn’t register at all that boggles my mind…but maybe it’s because sewing is still unfamiliar to many people of both genders?

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