Saturday Musings: When Sewjo Goes the Way of the Dodo

"When Sewjo Goes the Way of the Dodo" - a Saturday Musings post on Making the Flame. Body Positive Sewing!

Happy October! Happy Saturday! And Happy Nigerian Independence Day! Many reasons to celebrate today, but the completion of a new garment isn’t one of them, hah.

Goodbye, Sewjo

It happens to the best of us! At some point, we lose our sewjo. Sometimes we have the time and energy to sew, but no desire to do so.  Sometimes we really want to sew, but life circumstances get in the way – like sickness, family, and work.

Currently, my sewjo has vanished into thin air because life has become hectic. In a good way! I’m grateful for the community participation on my plate and the professional progress I’ve been making, but roll into that social commitments and work and there’s not a ton of time left over. When I have a free moment, it’s rarely long enough to get into that feel-good sewing groove I love so much. So I haven’t been sewing.

Sewing Blogger = Sewer + Blogger

Initially, I sewed and shot so many garments that I was actually ahead of myself for awhile. I also snuck in a ‘quick’ project and some pattern work. But garment posts began to be thin on the ground. What’s a sewing blogger to do?

Happily, I’ve figured out how to manage this situation, and I want to share my technique with you. Call it a sewing blogger PSA if you will. Part of being body positive has been trying to be equally positive about myself and my life in general (self positive?). In this case, it means accepting that I’m not Superwoman, and don’t have to be. It’s more important to do my best than to be the best.

The Technique

The first thing to realize when you’re not sewing is that you’re going to feel like you have nothing to take photos of, and nothing to share. But sewing isn’t just about finished garments! Focus on your favorite part of sewing and do that. Take pictures during the  process, then write about it. For me, I love fitting and muslining new patterns. So I tested the Ella Top. Then I fitted it some more and made a fashion fabric version of Ella! If I’d pushed myself to ‘Sew Something’ and ‘Blog About It’, none of that would have happened and I would have felt stressed and guilty, too.

Alternatively, consider hanging out on social media. For sewers, the obvious place is Instagram. But it can be intimidating when you don’t have ‘perfect’ photos or a garment of some kind to share. Some people share  photos of other things, like food, children, and pets. But if you want to stay sewing related, try snapping a quick photo or video for Instagram Stories: a selfie when you’re wearing one of your own garments, a shot of your dormant sewing studio looking neat and clean, a photo of goodies delivered on a happy mail day. Have fun with drawing on your images, adding emoji, and other effects.

"When Sewjo Goes the Way of the Dodo" - a Saturday Musings post on Making the Flame. Body Positive Sewing!

Or you can avoid creating anything and simply enjoy the online sewing community.  Read blogs and leave comments, watch replays on Periscope, and reply to tweets on Twitter. Share your two cents on a thread in your favorite Facebook sewing group. Your fellow sewers will love to ‘see’ you, and will really appreciate your participation!

If none of the above really grab you, here are some ‘no sewjo required’ blog post ideas.

  • Revisit or reshoot an old garment and blog about it.
  • Have you been to a sewing meetup lately? Or visited a fabric store while on vacation? Write a quick paragraph, grab a bunch of photos, and throw them in a post.
  • Chat about new patterns from recent collection releases. Indie or Big 4, it’s a great way to create an informal pattern shopping list for yourself. (Yes, I’m enabling here.)

There’s always something sewing related that you can share or do, regardless of how much sewjo you have. So rather than be hard on yourself or feel guilty, take some positive action and trust that your sewjo will return…eventually.

"When Sewjo Goes the Way of the Dodo" - a Saturday Musings post on Making the Flame. Body Positive Sewing!

Do you have any more tips for sewing bloggers who want to share content when sewjo has gone the way of the dodo? Please share in the comments!







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