Saturday Musings: Snow Fall


When I left my job in 2010 to ‘make a living as an artist’ (which declaration won the 2010 award for “vaguest goal”) I thought I was going to be a photographer. I love photography and I thought I was good enough at it.

*pause for effect* Sigh.


Turns out, taking thoughtful snaps of things is not what people wanted thenadays, and it’s even more the case now. Using manual lenses to take photos devoid of gimmicks, and then not cleaning them up in Photoshop, did and does not fly. Well, I said I’ll be doing more of what I want in 2015, and that means injecting this blog with some of my photography!


Today in Boston it snowed for real, for the first time all winter. To me, the most beautiful sight in the world is fresh snow early in the morning, before people go out.* It makes my heart sing! I always grab my camera and capture it all as best I can.


These are the good photos, of course, but I’ve been noticing something among my photos in general, lately — soft focus. It’s not my equipment, it’s definitely my eyes, and it’s happened rather quickly. I’m in the midst of a root canal, but once that’s paid for I’m absolutely getting my eyes checked.


What’s your favorite weather conditions? Do you have snow on the ground where you are?

Oh, and if you missed it, I’m having a pattern guessing contest! Deadline to speculate, conjucture, and otherwise hypothesize is 1159pm EST, tonight. So go on and state your pick!

*Sadly, there is always some kind of traffic on my street, human or vehicular. C’est la vie.

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  1. I love your snow photos, and I also really enjoy taking pictures of freshly fallen snow. My favorite in this post is the 4th one down – something about that tree branching out is really beautiful to me. Sorry I missed your contest (I’m way behind on blog reading!) and hope you’re enjoying all the mountains of snow we got since this post!

    1. Thanks for the kind words :) I’m also rather fond of photographing tree branches, so it’s awesome that you like that photo best! No worries on falling behind, I’m soooo behind too.

  2. My favorite season is summer but in winter I am glad I live in Oklahoma instead of somewhere else because we get every kind of weather in winter. Yesterday it got up to almost 80F. Today it’s cooler and tomorrow night it might snow. I like that even though it gets very cold sometimes (as low as -20 a few years ago) we often get a nice break.

  3. Snow hands down

    I get up no matter what time and take the dogs

    we go thru the neighborhood me making snow angles and them just running free and playing

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