Saturday Musings: Trying Is Good Enough

Sometimes, life gets us down … and sometimes we stay down for longer than we’d like. Sometimes we stay down for longer than we realize. But what matters the most is that we get back up.

Last month I caught the flu and was bedridden for a week. I was mobile but weak for another week, and then I began working a full time assignment. Since I woke up sick, it has been about a month and I haven’t sewed a stitch. I’ve been beating myself up for getting sick, then for being weak, then for being tired, then for not ‘just doing it’ … finally, I stressed myself out so much I actually threw up yesterday.

Gross, but definitely an effective wake up call.

I love sewing. It’s something I’ve wanted to be able to do for years and years — and now I can! I made it a priority, and studied and practiced until I had the skill to make clothes for myself. I dreamt of having my own, me-made wardrobe, and now that dream is a reality.

A reality!

How amazing is that?

Enjoy this video, and please — if you’re feeling down, and you can’t get back up today, be gentle with yourself and know that you will be able to in time.


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