Saturday Musings: Whole Lotta Beach Body

"Beach Umbrella" by Ebi Poweigha, for Saturday Musings. All rights reserved.

Every summer, having a beach body/bikini body is at the top of every woman’s mind. Whether or not we are body positive, it’s a concept we used to have to wrangle with on our own. But in recent years, more and more body positive women of all shapes and sizes have shared images of themselves in their bikinis and bathing suits to help us all feel more confident and beach ready.

Two summers  ago, I made a body positive bikini photo essay and was blown away by how popular it was! So when my friends suggested we have a beach day, I took the opportunity to take photos for a brand new photo essay. Whew! It was surprisingly hard to be positive about myself in these photos. But that’s the beauty of body positivity — it’s a mindset AND a journey. Hope you enjoy the new essay!

"Beach Body Positive Photo Essay" by Ebi Poweigha for Saturday Musings. All rights reserved.

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