Saturday Pinks

pinky hip
Keep calm and wear pink.

I wore this to the second run of the play I worked on in April/May, and one of the girls on the cast commented that I was breaking out of my normal color palette! I wasn’t aware that (a) I had a noticeable color palette, and (b) I so rarely wear pink.

pinky monroe
… the very picture of demure …

I actually love pink! My  preferred shade is a deep, rich, Barbie pink, but I’ve been drawn on occasion to pale pinks like these.

pink wild
The real me!

This top is a whip-up from my early sewing days, and I’ve actually never worn it in public! The leggings are my personalized version of McCall’s M6173, which is easily my favorite pattern ever.

The shoes are also a debut — I bought them on a whim because they were $8, and then immediately refused to wear them because they were “too pretty”. Duh. They go perfectly with this pink look, and I loved walking around in pretty shoes.


More importantly than anything, the show that night was killer! Good theater is one of the best experiences evah.

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