Seahawks, 43

Firstly, I rooted for the Seahawks, and even did my best to wear their colors — I wore the skirt I made from this fabric:

blue crepe polka dot fabric
the source of my garment twins

So I was SUPER pumped that they whomped the Broncos. What a definitive victory! I am so happy and excited for Seattle’s 12th Man, and the Seahawks organization. I’m also a Pete Carroll fan, so I was quite pumped to see him get the traditional Gatorade shower by his team in the final minutes of the game. I do admit to being quite shocked that the score was so lopsided. I thought it was going to be a hard fought game, really aggressive, but instead only one team came to play, and they didn’t even seem to have to break a sweat. GO HAWKS!

But the Super Bowl is bittersweet for me no matter who wins, because it means no more football, in addition to the loss of favorite players from my favorite teams due to trade and free agency. I just hope that Devin McCourty sticks around the Patriots for awhile, he’s a total 150% player on the field, every snap he plays, and I love him for that.


The commercials overall sucked. Some were cute, some were funny, I saw wayyyyyy too much Tim Tebow, but the trend overall leaned toward being family friendly, for at least the second year in a row. Lame. Commercials were much better when they pushed the envelope a little. After all, for the amount of money those companies are paying, they might as well have fun with it! I did get a kick out of the Audi commercial, though.

And for the first time ever, I watched the game in public! For the past several years, I’ve been watching the game with my (non football fan) parents at home, and we’ve all gotten pretty used to that. But this year a new friend invited me out and I accepted. I was super nervous all day that my parents would be upset at me leaving the house to go watch the game with other people, but they were not and I really enjoyed spending time with my friend and her friend and her friend’s family. It’s really, really nice to spend time with good people, and explore the myriad pubs and venues my hometown has to offer.

All in all, a Sunday well spent. Oh! And before all the excitement, I whipped up a pants muslin (from a pattern, not self-drafted). I need to tweak it a bit and perhaps make a second muslin, but you know I’m going to write about it! Me-made pants would be the absolute, complete, and total bomb-diggity for me, my wardrobe, and my sense of sewing accomplishment.

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