Seahawks Skirt

Over the shoulder allure

Today’s skirt is a project from my ‘January of Unemployment’ era, 2014. I finished so many things that month! Some of them were really easy to sew, like this skirt.

McCall’s pattern 6725

I sewed look B, which has really simple and ingenious construction.There’s a back piece cut on a fold and two identical fronts cut not on the fold. You stitch the side seams, overlap the two front edges and attach the waistband. So easy! (Caveat: you must finish the hem before doing the overlap step.)

Gams, gams, gams

I love how open this skirt is! I wore it to go out with some friends last month, and felt really free and mobile. Usually when I wear skirts they’re uncomfortable and restrictive, due to being a very bottom heavy pear shape.

Tulip hem

The only downside of this skirt is that the fabric I chose is such a particular shade of blue that I only feel comfortable pairing it with white tops. Boo. Luckily, I love white and have several white tops in my wardrobe. Yay? And I finally found a great denim jacket (Target, of course) which I think would go great with a white top and this skirt.

If you’re looking for a no-brainer, cute skirt that takes almost no time to sew, I definitely recommend this pattern.

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