Secret Sewing and Stashbusting

I’ve been doing more and more sewing for others this year — voluntarily!!!! You saw the costume, the pillow, and the baby blanket already, but I’ve got two more projects in progress for others.

One project is making cut-and-sew patterns for a local T-shirt designer. Later today we’ll look over the mockups for two of his designs and if they’re to his liking, we’ll talk samples.

cut and sew t-shirt
finished mockup, inside out
horizontal stripe t-shirt pattern
aaand the pattern

Please note the above is a mockup, and not in the intended colorway!! I just grabbed some pieces from my muslin stash to test the patterns out.

The other project is pattern testing a jacket in plus sizes (!!!). The jacket is all cut out — shell, lining, and ribbing — so it just needs assembly. It has so many pattern pieces! Not really, but lately I’ve been making such simple garments that a jacket is like, whoa.
Lace print ITY


zippers and fabric and ribbing oh my
All the pieces gathered together.

I’m going to do a whole blog post about the jacket when it’s done. Hopefully the sneak peeks here whet your appetite for that! This jacket is for my best friend, but I love the pattern so much already that I have two planned for myself. :p  Don’t you love when sewing for others inspires new makes for you?

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