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Grab your tea/wine/coffee/seltzer water – it’s time for a personal post.

I miss these, don’t you? (*crosses fingers, bates breath*)

I have been sewing a lot. Using it like therapy? Like a crutch? Nah. More like a pillow when the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Lah lah lah, I can’t hear you, life. Because life has been … one seriously bad surprise after another. It’s one thing to know a stressful situation is coming your way, it’s another to actually experience it plus stressful situations from wayyyyyy out of left field. Like whaaaaaaat is this?

So I’ve been sewing.

Most recently, tackling pants in a non-leggings sort of way. I want funky pants but also some secret pajamas. I drafted harem pants from tutorials; I made a throwaway muslin and a decent but not good wearable muslin out of the most divine black jersey you ever saw. $2 a yard. Not sharing my source. Mwahaha.

No photos, because photography + black fabric = not today. But despite bunching awkwardly in the front crotch area, they’re super comfortable because of the amazing fabric.

I also muslined an updated version of Burda 6789, with a shortened crotch depth and slimmer leg. End result? Accidental yoga pants. Super comfy, but not what I was going for. My task now is to make it look cool, and attempt my first yoga style waistband. I did a double elastic casing on the harem pants; I’m having fun nowadays trying the techniques I pooh poohed when I didn’t know any better. Here’s that elastic waistband, since I haven’t actually started the yoga one:

And here’s links to my five (!!!) previous versions of Burda 6789:

white on black polka dot, debuted as a dresser at a local fashion show

kaleidoscope inspired purple/blue/white/beige print that cupped my behind so nicely I couldn’t stop staring

white print on black version with black ribbed cuffs, which are my favorite and most comfy pair

the insanely red pair crying out for a matching hoodie for that suburban 90s mom look

the purple pair that travelled all the way to Georgia to get on camera…and then kept falling down between photos

Why pants? I noticed that I wear my leggings so much that I’ll do laundry in order to re-wear them, despite having about 15 skirts and nearly 10 dresses. My life right now involves a lot of bending and lifting stuff, and pants are easier to be modest in – style be damned. But I’m slowly creating a Chub Rub Defense Collection (CRDC) so that I can wear skirts modestly whenever spring comes to Boston.  This is what March in Boston looks like:

March 8, 2018 snow storm in Boston

What have I been working on besides pants? A quartet of McCall’s 7204 cardigans (view A). Three are done, one of which is AWESOME. Until wearing it, I didn’t realize how uncomfortably RTW cardigans fit my ginormous upper arms. Whew! I could move and everything stayed in place. Amazing! They will be a separate post.

Oh, wait. I think I forgot to get personal. Well, besides a stressful personal situation, work is going well ish. Working two jobs, even though just part time, is crazy tiring. I’m tired all the time. But I’m not able to sleep much – too much on my mind, and frankly, there’s no time to nap. Boo.

In entertainment, trying Hulu as an alternative to Craftsy Unlimited and Netflix for background noise while sewing. Hulu … sucks. But it has shows I love (though glaringly missing Murder, She Wrote and the original Hawaii Five-0), so I’m trying to make it work.

And under ‘pleasant surprises’ , I’ve been enjoying the heck out of one of my 2018 resolutions:

  • make gifts for all and sundry

I never knew giving without any strings or needs attached could be so gratifying! It does not replace my (foolish?) desire for a partner, but having so many people to make things for is gratitude-inducing and humbling. Who am I to be so lucky?

Okay, this got long. Here’s a selfie video. I like to shoot goofy clips on my cellphone. Let me know if you like this one – I might start posting them to IG if response is positive. :) The black cardi is a sneak peek of McCall’s 7204, the top is the amazing Lekala 4562, and the pants are Burda 6789 #5.

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  1. Well, I have always sewed for my husband and sons but what recently got me thinking about sewing more for other people is simply that I have too many clothes and I don’t want to stop sewing.

    By the way, just yesterday I posted the latest dress I made for my granddaughter.

  2. For good times and bad I am so happy that I sew. I have recently started thinking more about sewing for other people. (gifts only) I have always made shirts for my husband. Now I have a granddaughter to sew for and, hallelujah, she loves pretty dresses. She’s only 4 though so who knows what will happen when she starts public school and peer pressure sets in. I’ll enjoy it while I can.

    1. Hi Lynn :) Sewing can be such a savior, isn’t it? What got you thinking about sewing for others? Congrats on having a little one to sew for. Hopefully school won’t change her too much!

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