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Here’s a skirt I made a few months ago, that I got to wear the handful of times when it was actually hot in Boston this summer.

purple sass
Yeah baby, yeah!

I bought the fabric in New York’s Garment District last year for a friend who was dressing drab — I was going to make her a pair of dresses to put a pep in her step. But things didn’t work out, so I had a piece of fabric in my favorite color with no intended purpose. Poor, poor me. *wink*

This skirt shows a lot more leg than I normally show, both because it is shorter than my normal hemline, and because it is a circle skirt. (Circle skirt + breezy day = lots o’ leg.) I used Lekala’s Poodle Skirt Pattern #5273 for the waist measurement and then my own measurement for the hem length. I was limited there by the fabric; basically, I wanted to cut the whole circle without seams.

standing pose
This is me, looking triumphant.

And I succeeded! I love that this skirt has no side seams, and I love the drape of a circle skirt in this poly blend jersey. It does pill, so I don’t wear this skirt all the time.

I really enjoyed making the waistband a little intricate. I keep forgetting to take pictures of my handiwork, but basically I cut two long rectangles wider than the elastic I used to keep this skirt around my waist. I folded the edges of the fabric over the top and bottom of the elastic, and zig zagged them in place. I overlapped them at center front, being sure to fold under the top layer of that lap, and then used some scraps to make a bow in the front.

looking away
No OOTD post would be complete without some gen-u-ine “modeling”.

However, as you can see, the bow didn’t stay tied, and I didn’t bother to re-tie it. So now it just hangs, and I rather like it that way. You can also see I left the hem raw. After all the work I put into the waistband, I wanted the rest of the garment to be effortless.

Now, enjoy some ZZ Top!


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